Magnetic Therapy Device Universal Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter in India

Product Code : SCL303 /051


  • Designed by simulating the pulsed magnetic resonance principle and combining extremely low-frequency electromagnetic induction technology and spatial electromagnetic field control technology.
  • Through array reorganization of multiple pulse emission sources, it emits extremely low-frequency PEMF to change nuclear spin to have new membrane potential generated by cell membranes for cell membrane intervention, so as to correct hemorheology index and promote vasodilatation, promote blood circulation, ameliorate the pathological states of, among other things, bones, muscles and bloods and better repair the mircrocirculation of diseased tissues
  • Designed with adjustable magnetic field frequency of 3 to 30 Hz and the magnetic fields strength of less than 40 μT, this instrument also adopts modular operation interface under physical expression, which is simple, rapid and safe for treatment.
  • Not only will this instrument cause no trauma or damage to normal cells in treatment, but also it has apparent treatment effects.
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