Chemistry is everywhere, whether you sit, eat or just read. Everything on this earth comprises some elements or compounds, whether it is a piece of rock, a slice of your pizza and all the things in your surroundings. So it becomes very essential for you to read and learn the fundamental concepts of chemistry.

The Science Lab brings all the desired Education Lab Supplies at a very reasonable price and under one roof. Their high quality, durability, perfect finish, and accurate results make our products the best in the market.

We have all the Educational Lab Equipment used for preparing samples and analyzing liquid and solid samples. Also, the conventional equipment including glassware, a muffle furnace, microscopes, bunsen burners, reagent bottles, all kinds of beakers, flasks, test tubes, centrifuge, balances & scales, ovens, and many more. Our instruments are reliable and offer precision during experiments. We design our equipment’s corresponding to the demands of the consumer.

A-Shape Retort Stand Base

Product Code : SLE/CH/01

Cast iron, finished in blue paint with hole tapped 10*1.5mm and rubber feet.


Side Length






Acid Rain, Weathering & Erosion

Product Code : SLE/CH/02

Acid rain can be devastating to aquatic ecosystems and terrestrial areas. It not only effects naturally-occurring surfaces, such as rocky surfaces of mountainous regions, but man made surfaces as well. Rates of erosion and weathering increase rapidly depending on the degree of acidic rain. Stones and metals used in buildings, statues and monuments may be affected by acid rain. In this activity, students expose naturally occurring and construction materials to an acidic environment and compare the reaction of these materials to those exposed to ‘normal’ rain (tap water). Teacher’s manual and student copy masters are included. Sufficient materials for 15 groups.

Alloy Test Tube and Thermometer Holder

Product Code : SLE/CH/03

Chrome plated alloy, with spring loaded jaws for tube 0-25mm.

Atom Activity Model

Product Code : SLE/CH/04

An easy to understand model of atomic structure, this is a graphic model of all the key components of the atom including the nucleus; the particles that constitute the atom including protons, neutrons and electrons; and the electron layers. This durable plastic model is transparent for convenient use with an overhead projector. Facilitates clear comprehension of the atom’s structure and such important concepts as atomic numbers, ionic and covalent bonding, electroneutrality, the filling of electron layers and the definition and calculation of ionic load.

Technical Specification :
150 mm D x 25 mm H

Aflatoxin meter

Product Code : SLE/CH/05

Using solid-phase enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ELISA principle, that is, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, by the Aflatoxin meter and B1 kit composed of two parts, can be limited, quantitative measurement of samples of aflatoxin B1 content (such as the allocation of other kit can be measured in other toxins), Apply to food, feed, oils and fats, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, beverages, wine products, such as the detection of aflatoxin B1.

The minimum measure volume:


Measuring range:


Absorbance range:


Concentration range:





<0 .1 g/nml



Test speed:

20 piece/hour

Light source:

light 36V/20mA

Environment of use:

Temperature:5~35oC, humidity



Working power:



350×270×210 mm



Apparatus Melting Point

Product Code : SLE/CH/06

This ergonomic apparatus has been designed with safety and ease of operation in mind- making it ideal for use in education. A rapid heat switch allows higher temperatures to be obtained quickly. A single control knob on the front panel incorporates the main switch with arbitrary scale of 0 to 10. Sample tubes are illuminated from behind and magnified through a lens. Ceramic insulation around the aluminium heating block minimizes heat transfer to the casing. A selector at the rear of the instrument allows a light or dark background. Thermometer- capillary tubes and cooling plug available as accessories. Supplied with instructions. Electrical supply : 230V AC 50/60Hz; Weight : 1.5kg; Temperature range : Ambient – 350”C.

Autoclave Basket

Product Code : SLE/CH/07

Made of stainless steel. 3mm dia. Perforation.

210mm dia. * 150mm high
220mm dia. * 240mm high
280mm dia. * 200mm high
380mm dia. *280mm high
480mm dia. * 220mm high

Three Prong Swivel Clamp

Product Code : SLE/CH/08

Three Prong, dual adjustment clamp holds circular and irregular shaped objects. Maximum jaw opening size - 64.8 mm (29/16”). To position your work effectively, shaft wing nut allows clamp to rotate 360°. PVC covered fingers. Clamp post holders grip rods up to 19 mm (3/4”).

Adjustable Clamp Holder

Product Code : SLE/CH/09

For rods up to 5/8” in diameter. 
Clamp holder that is adjustable to swivel and lock to any angle. 
Enamel finish, tightened with a plastic thumb screws.

Pendulum Clamp

Product Code : SLE/CH/10

Each Pendulum Holder has its own knurled thumbscrew and locking device that holds each individual chord for easy adjustment without disturbing the other pendulums. 
Sturdy Pendulum Clamp has an all steel bracket that allows for up to 3 pendulums to be suspended at one time without any wobbling. The bracket is attached to a rod clamp that is tightened with a large knurled knob.

Fisher Clamp (Routine Improved Model)

Product Code : SLE/CH/11

Double burette clamp with all aluminium casted mounts on rod of 1/4” to 1/2” in diameter, two burettes can be securely held in a vertical position whereas still permitting full read of the burette scale. 
Clamp includes a sleek enamel end with rubber finger grippers.

Thermometer Clamp

Product Code : SLE/CH/12

Made of a polished aluminum muff with brass clamping jaws.
Excellent clamp for supporting thermometers.
Jaws can be rotated and locked at any angle.

Boss Head, With Detachable Attachment

Product Code : SLE/CH/13

A unique design with phosphorus bronze clamps for holding objects vertically or horizontally, gives it more flexibility. Available with Thermometer Hanger. Multipurpose Aluminum section boss head with brass headed nickel plated steel thumb screw and plated wing shaped nut for fixing the different attachments like thermometer holders, suspension hangers etc. 

Universal Clamp

Product Code : SLE/CH/14

Jaws can clamp cylindrical objects from 9.5 to 35mm diameter. 
Universal Clamp comprises of Prong Clamps 8mm in diameter and 150mm long. 
Jaws can be rotated through and locked in any position.
Good reach during practical.
Ensures good grip. 

Micro Burner

Product Code : SLE/CH/15

With rotatable air regulator, equipped on a painted metal base. 
Nickel plated burner tube of brass 9.5mm dia. 
Overall height 100mm.

Bunsen Burner

Product Code : SLE/CH/16

Nickel Plated brass 12mm burner tube with a rotary needle valve and rotatable air regulator serrated gas inlet tube equipped on a coated metal base. 
These burners are designed for routine heating. 
Suitable for both Natural and LPG Gas. 
Threaded needle valve flame intensity regulator.

Pipette Stand

Product Code : SLE/CH/17

Pipette stand made of beach wood, well polished holds up to 12 pipettes horizontally 6 on each side.

Pipette Stand Foldable

Product Code : SLE/CH/18

Made of beach wood.
Wooden pipette stand.
Well polished, can be easily folded. 
Holds upto 12 pipettes vertically of 6 - 12mm Diameter.

Burette Rack

Product Code : SLE/CH/19

The tier wooden frame has upper tier with vertical recesses on one side to take burettes. 
Can take up to 13 burettes.
Rack made of polished beach wood.

Test Tube Rack With Drying Pegs

Product Code : SLE/CH/21

Vertical 12 pegs are provided for quick drying of the test tubes. 
Giving you more room on a single platform. 
A newly designed test tube rack with pegs made of beach wood, well polished, with two row of holes. 
We can also customize according to individuals preference.

Test Tube Racks

Product Code : SLE/CH/20

They are polished with high precision to minimize damage from spills. 
Available Sizes are 6 and 12 tubes. 
Newly designed test tube rack made beach wood a robust built with excellent workmanship. 
We can also customize according to individuals preference.

Bottle Stand

Product Code : SLE/CH/22

Well polished beach wood construction.
With holes diameter 45mm for 60ml dropping bottles. 
Available in 6 holes and 12 holes.

Burette Racks

Product Code : SLE/CH/23

Completely made of seasoned hardwood, well-polished with moulded plastic clamping screws. 
For single burette, with base of size 200 × 100mm.
Rod size approx. 460 × 16mm (height × diameter). 

Balance Double Beam

Product Code : SLE/CH/24

Balance Double Beam with single pan and captive weights sliding on scales. 
Reading can be taken with index scale and pointer. 
Meant for speed in weighing routine samples. 
Mounted on wooden base.

Scale Division
On Rear Scale:
0 to 1 gm x 100 mgm.
On Middle Scale: 0 to 1 gm x 100 mgm.
On Front Scale: 0 to 1 gm x 100 mgm.
Capacity: 311 gm.
Sensitivity: ± 2 mgm.
Distance from suspension: 170 mm.
Hook to pan: 170 mm.
Pan Diameter: 110 mm.

Balance Triple Beam

Product Code : SLE/CH/25

A single pan low balance with three tired beams which can weigh upto 2610g when used with supplementary masses, the balances has three notched weighing beam with center indicating sliding masses giving total capacity of 610g. Additional masses are hung on the end of the beam increasing the capacity upto 2610g. And they can be stored in the recesed base when not required
Magnetic Damping.
Beams: 0 to 500g x 100g
      0 to 100g x 10g
      0 to 10g x 0.1g
Supplementary masses: 2 x 1000g
Pan, stainless steel dia.: 150 mm.

Electronic Compact Balance

Product Code : SLE/CH/26

Weighing Units like ct, gm, dwt.
Simple Battery Operation.
Precise and Accurate reading.
High contrast LCD Display.

Capacity    Readability
200g    0.01g
300g    0.01g
500g    0.01g
1000g    0.1g
1500g    0.1g
2000g    1g
5000g    2g

Burner Bunsen With Stopcock

Product Code : SLE/CH/27

One spare gas nipple is provided for use with LPG gas. 
With stopcock to completely stop the flow of gas. 
Air regulator also provided.

Absorption Tower Calcium Chloride

Product Code : SLE/CH/28

Cylindrical with tubule at base, glass.
Dimensions: 335mm height x 65mm dia.
Capacity: 250ml

Calcium Chloride Tube, Borosilicate Glass

Product Code : SLE/CH/29

U-Shape with side tube and stopper.
100 x 12mm
125 x 15mm
150 x 18mm

Carboy With Stop Cock

Product Code : SLE/CH/30

These carboys are an excellent replacement for glass carboys and are used for storing and dispensing distilled water & other laboratory solutions.
These polypropylene Carboys are autoclavable, dependable and durable. 
These are also equipped with a leak proof spigot screwed to the body. 
Material: Polypropylene
Capacity: 10 Ltrs., 20 Ltrs.

Beakers Euro Design

Product Code : SLE/CH/31

Material: Polypropylene

Glass Spirit Lamp

Product Code : SLE/CH/32

Glass with brass wick holder and glass top cover.
Capacity: 60ml, 125ml

Aspirator Bottles Borosilicate

Product Code : SLE/CH/33

Glass With stopcock at bottom and stopper in neck made of Borosilicate Glass.
1 Litres, 2 Litres, 5 Litres

Bottle Reagent, W.M. Glass

Product Code : SLE/CH/34

Wide mouth with dustproof flat stopper of Glass/Polythene.

Bottle Reagent, W.M. Glass Amber Colour

Product Code : SLE/CH/35

Soda glass wide mouth with dustproof flat stopper


Product Code : SLE/CH/36

Media vaccine, narrow mouth with aluminium screw cap and rubber linear.

Aspirator Polythene

Product Code : SLE/CH/37

Rigid with plastic screw cap
Jerry can type.

Bottle Dropping

Product Code : SLE/CH/38

Amber glass bottle with rubber teat dropping pipette ground into neck. 
Only Dropper.


Product Code : SLE/CH/39

These Polypropylene Stop-cocks are fitted with a PTFE plug and have serrated tubulations that accept from 6mm to 10mm tubing. These Stopcocks are available in two different options.
Stopcock 2 way.
Stopcock 3 way.

Basin Crystalising Without Spout

Product Code : SLE/CH/40

Borosilicate glass, flat bottom.
Diameter x Depth
100 x 50mm
150 x 75mm
190 x 100mm

Burette Stand and Funnel Stand

Product Code : SLE/CH/41

To hold one burette and one funnel. 
Polished hardwood with cork lined jaws and plastic screws. 
Base fitted with four rubber feet for stability.
Base size 330 x 110mm.
Overall height 490mm.


Product Code : SLE/CH/42

This Burette has a transparent acrylic body and a leakproof stopcock made fitted with a self lubricating PTFE plug. 
Each Burette is individually calibrated to give maximum accuracy. 
Acrylic body is unaffected by dilute mineral acids and bases except Hydrofloric Acid & Ammonium Hydroxide. 
The pH range of 1-14 is ideal and can be used up to 5% wt/wt of acids or 30% bases.

Material: Polymethyl Methacrylate/TPX

Fisher Clamp

Product Code : SLE/CH/43

These Clamps are moulded in Polypropylene making it completely corrosion proof. 
The spring loaded jack in the middle provides a vice like grip to the Burette and prevents it from slipping. 
Two tapered wedges are provided to ensure firm grip on rods having dia ½”or 3/8”.

Material: Polypropylene
Fisher Clamp Single
Fisher Clamp Double

New Improved Organic And Inorganic Molecular Set

Product Code : SLE/CH/44

A comprehensive range of organic molecules can be constructed along with inorganic molecules ranging from simple ones to complexions. A versatile demonstration student set ideally suited to ordinary and advanced level courses or equivalent. Grey flexible links of two lengths are provided for single and double convalent bonds while mauve links are provided for ionic, coordinate and hydrogen bonds.
Set Comprises Balls:-
Carbon (6) 
Oxygen (22) 
Nitrogen (10)
Sulphur (12)
Halogen (8)
Metal (14)
Phosphorus (7)
Hydrogen (14)

Brush Burette

Product Code : SLE/CH/45

Nylon with bristle end mounted on iron wire handle. 
Overall length 900mm.

Brush Test Tube

Product Code : SLE/CH/46

Nylon bristle on iron wire.
Overall length 260mm.
Head size 90 x 45 mm. 

Rubber Cork

Product Code : SLE/CH/47

Solid, resistance to acid, alkali and ammonia, soft red colour.
Corks, Rubber
With one hole.
With two holes.

Top Dia (mm)

Bottom Dia (mm)

Height (mm)



































































Cork Borer Set

Product Code : SLE/CH/48

Made of brass, chrome plated finish with individual handles, cutting edge at bottom, with rods for clearing borers.
Set of 6, dia. range 5 to 12mm.
Set of 12, dia. range 5 to 20mm.

Oak Ridge Centrifuge Tubes

Product Code : SLE/CH/49

Oak Ridge Centrifuge Tubes, made of Polypropylene, have excellent contact clarity and can be used upto 50000 x G. 
Capacity: 30ml, 50ml.
The screw cap should not be used below 4°C.

Deflagrating Spoon

Product Code : SLE/CH/50

With brass cup of about 20mm dia with iron wire length about 350mm, chrome plated. 
Disc dia. 75mm.
Complete with sliding disc and cork for holding the wire at any length. 

Retort Stand

Product Code : SLE/CH/51

Cast iron rectangular base with stove hammertone painted with hole. 12.5mm dia M.S. Rod chrome plated one end half round and other end machine threaded with washer and hexagonal nut.

Base Size (mm)

Rod Length (mm)

Wt. of Base Ap. (kg)



0.09 Kg



1.30 Kg.



1.70 Kg.



2.02 Kg.



2.07 Kg

Test Tube Stand 3 Tier

Product Code : SLE/CH/52

The PC rack has transparent upper & middle plates where as in PP racks, every part is colored & opaque. These ingenious racks with a 3-tier design provide clear view of the tube contents & convenient insertion & removal of tubes. These auto clavable Racks can withstand sub-freezing temperatures.
Material : Polypropylene.

Test Tube Stand (Wire Pattern)

Product Code : SLE/CH/53

These are available in different colors and are made of a special blend of Polypropylene that makes it sink in a water bath and maintain their stability even in agitated water. An economical substitute for wire racks, here are these submersible, auto clavable racks which are stack able when empty. These space saving racks can easily be disassembled for cleaning purposes. The base is in the form of a grid with square openings and has fold up sides and end bars that lock into rack tops.
Material : Polypropylene.
13 mm x 90 Tubes.
16 mm x 60 Tubes.
20 mm x 40 Tubes.
25 mm x 24 Tubes.
30 mm x 21 Tubes.

Test Tube Stand, Polythene

Product Code : SLE/CH/54

The base size 210 x 82mm gives stability. Made of polythene high density. Can accept 2 tubes of 25mm dia and four tubes of 16mm dia. 6 vertical pegs at the rear edge of the base ensure quick drying of the tubes. The rack accepts 2 tube of 25mm dia, and 4 tubes of 16mm dia.

Drying Rack

Product Code : SLE/CH/55

Made of plastic ABS material with 18 pegs for drying the flask, beaker 8 test tubes, Two holes are given for wall mounting.

Float Rack

Product Code : SLE/CH/56

The surface of the rack has raised alpha numeric index for easy identification and has a central rod convenient lifting.
This Floar Rack moulded in polypropylene is quite compact, autoclavable and can hold 16 micro centrifuge tubes for incubation in water baths. 
Easy to load, these are essential in microbiology and immunology labs. 
Capacity: 16 MCTs of 1.5ml

Beehive Shelf, Porcelain

Product Code : SLE/CH/57

For use in pneumatic troughs for gas collection. 
Glazed inside and outside.
Dia:- 75mm, 100mm

Funnel Holder

Product Code : SLE/CH/58

A Non-corrosive funnel holders have outer ring to hold funnels with 3”-6” dia while the removable inner lid holds smaller funnels with 1”-3” dia.
Available :
Single Funnel Holder.
Double Funnel Holder.

Hoffman Voltameter

Product Code : SLE/CH/59

Made of Borosilicate glass. 
For use in demonstrating decomposition of water, determination of chemical composition by electrolysis and applicable in evaluation of electrochemical equivalent of hydrogen. 
The glass unit has two connected limbs, graduated for 50 cm³ capacity, integral with reservoir tube and funnel shaped bulb, with a stopcock at top of each limb, with one pair platinum electrodes and one pair carbon electrodes. 
Platinum electrodes are used for the electrolysis of water; Carbon electrodes for the electrolysis of ammonia or hydrochloric acid. 
Reservoir capacity 200cm³. Without stand. 
Overall Dimensions: 700 x 85mm (Ht.xW)

Retort Clamp Three Finger

Product Code : SLE/CH/60

Three Prong, die cast in alloy, with other parts of plated brass, clamp accepts articles up to 75mm . diameter, actuated by nickle plated brass pummels and twin screw. Jaws are covered in rubber. Fitted with 15cm. long mild steel or aluminium rod.

Retort Clamp Four Finger

Product Code : SLE/CH/61

Die cast, strong for holding objects up to 100mm, corklined jaws provide secure contact, with planted brass tommy bar adjusting screw and aluminium anodized stem 150 x 8mm, length x dia. Without boss head.

Retort Rings

Product Code : SLE/CH/62

A Brass thumbscrew chrome plated to fit boss. Cast iron with boss, hammertone painted. Suitable for fixing on rods up to 13mm dia. The distance between center of ring and supporting rod is approx 120mm for all sizes.

Boss Head

Product Code : SLE/CH/63

Two vee grooves in the body are accurate and give a firm grip. Die cast aluminium alloy. Two chrome plated thumb screw fitted in the boss head.
Small size.
Large size.

Burette Clamps

Product Code : SLE/CH/64

Depressed Burette Clamp made of thick M.S. Sheet, all diepressed symmetrically non-breakable holds and Burette straight two jaws have V-grooves in which Burette rests and other presses it due to spring force. 
Well chrome plated.
Bosshead can accommodate upto 18mm dia rod. 
For Single Burette.
For Double Burette.

Burette Clamps Light Weight

Product Code : SLE/CH/65

Comprising light-weight Aluminium but mechanically strong body, jaws rubber covered having spring action which effects positive grip. 

Clamp has a smooth enamel finish with rubber finger grippers. A single thumb screw secures the clamp to rod of nominal 13mm. diameter. To hold one/two burette. Provided with a positive grip and release. 
Burette Clamp Single.
Burette Clamp Double.

Test Tube Holder

Product Code : SLE/CH/66

The jaws will accept tubes up to 38mm diameter and their alignment is maintained by a wire collar. Chrome plated spring steel wire holder with finger grips. Overall length 130mm.

Pinch Clip

Product Code : SLE/CH/67

These Pinch Clip available in different colour can easily fit the cap of Pinch Clip for colour identification of different samples.

Heat Conductometer

Product Code : SLE/CH/68

Use the conductometer for demonstrating and testing heat conductivity in a variety of metals. Set includes five metal rods (aluminum, brass, iron, copper, and stainless steel) radially fitted on a brass disk. Excellent for lessons introducing the qualities of different elements as well as thermodynamics lessons.
Comes with a Teacher’s Guide
Metal bars: 75 mm L x 5mm Dia. (3″ L x 0.19″ Dia.)
Brass disk: 27 mm (1″) Dia.

MCT Twin Rack

Product Code : SLE/CH/69

Capacity: Rack for 0.5ml and 1.5ml MCTs.
Provided this Twin Purpose Rack for both 0.5ml and 1.5ml micro centrifuge tubes. 
Each side has 108 holes for 0.5 and 1.5ml MCTs, respectively. 
Each face of the base has a unique alpha numeric index for easy identification of the tube.
The transparent top provides an excellent view as well as a protection cover for the tubes stored. 

Micro Test Plates

Product Code : SLE/CH/71

These Micro Test Plates available in different colour can easily fit the cap of Micro Test Plates for colour identification of different samples.
Flat Bottom Elisa Plate
U Bottom Elisa Plate

PCR Tube Rack

Product Code : SLE/CH/70

The tube holding spaces are uniformly placed so as to facilitate the use of multipipettes. 
Top & base of this rack are made of tough & transparent polycarbonate while the middle portion is made of polypropylene. 
Is used for keeping PCR Tubes.
A number of racks can be stacked together to save shelf space.
Capacity: Rack for 0.5ml and 1.5ml MCTs.

Micro Tip Box

Product Code : SLE/CH/72

These Micro Tip Box available in different colour can easily fit the cap of Micro Tip Box for colour identification of different samples.
For 96 Micro Tips of 2-200µl
For 100 Micro Tips of 200-1000µl

Universal Multi Rack

Product Code : SLE/CH/73

This Universal Multi Rack is made from a thick and sturdy plastic and holds 4 different test tube sizes. It offers a compact design for efficient storage.
Holds 4 Different Test Tube Sizes:
(24) 15 mm (0.75″) outer Dia.
(8) 50 mm (1.19″) Dia.
(40) 12 mm (0.5″) Dia.
(20) 20mm (0.88″) Dia.
100mm (7.81″) L x 95 mm (3.75″) W x 115 mm (4.5″) H

Cuvettes, Plastic

Product Code : SLE/CH/74

These Cuvettes, Plastic available in different colour can easily fit the cap of Cuvettes, Plastic for colour identification of different samples.

Open Manometer

Product Code : SLE/CH/75

Use this replacement tube with the Open Manometer.
Borosilicate 50 cm (19.7″) arm
Funnel top

Steam Trap (Water Trap)

Product Code : SLE/CH/76

This steam trap is a standard item for use in glassware set-ups to discharge condensates and non-condensable gases.

Capillary Tube Set

Product Code : SLE/CH/77

This set consists of 4 glass capillary tubes of different inner diameters rising up from a larger tube reservoir. Use this set-up to demonstrate and help students draw conclusions about capillary action.
Comes with a Teacher’s Guide
Comes mounted on a its own stand
Tubes approx. 150 mm (6″) H

Red Litmus Paper

Product Code : SLE/CH/78

These red litmus paper test strips turn blue when dipped into alkaline/basic solutions and are perfect for introductory chemistry lessons related to acids and bases.
100 strips per vial

Blue Litmus Paper

Product Code : SLE/CH/79

These blue litmus paper test strips turn red when dipped into acidic solutions and are perfect for introductory chemistry lessons related to acids and bases.
100 strips per vial

Pascal’s Principle Demonstrator

Product Code : SLE/CH/80

This apparatus can be used to demonstrate Pascal’s Law that that liquid pressure is transmitted equally in all directions. Fill it with water, push the piston, and watch the water squirt out every hole equally.
Borosilicate glass bulb: 50 mm (2″) Dia. with holes
Total Unit: Approx. 250 mm (10″) H

Boyle’s Law Apparatus

Product Code : SLE/CH/81

This apparatus can be used to illustrate Boyle’s Law, demonstrating the relationship between pressure and volume.

Magnesium Ribbon

Product Code : SLE/CH/82

Use this Magnesium Ribbon for combustion experiments and to demonstrate the principles of chemical changes.
Flammable solid
0.03 mm (0.0012 in) thick

Electrode, Carbon, Pair

Product Code : SLE/CH/83

These carbon electrodes were designed as replacement parts for the Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus.
Includes carbon electrodes and insulated lead wires and stoppers

Blow Pipe Brass

Product Code : SLE/CH/84

Material : Brass 
Shape : Cylindrical
Single Piece Length: 12 Inch
Surface Finish : Galvanised

Kjeldahl Distillation Digestion Unit

Product Code : SLE/CH/85

Provided with two sets of mantle type heating platforms-one for Digestion and other for Distillation.
Complete with condenser rack, lead fume duct and a pair of hangers, on a mild steel sheet tubular stand. Both units supplied with individual energy regulators.
To work on 220 V AC 50 Hz single phase.
3 tests mantle type with 3 energy regulators.
6 tests mantle type with 6 energy regulators.

Beaker Tongs

Product Code : SLE/CH/86

Use beaker tongs to handle hot beakers. These nickel-plated steel tongs are 25 cm (10”) long and have plastic coated jaws that open up to 11 cm (4.5”). They can hold beakers ranging from 100 ml up to 1000 ml.

Filter Paper

Product Code : SLE/CH/87

Filter paper is a semi-permeable paper barrier placed perpendicular to a liquid or air flow. It is used to separate fine substances from liquids or air. It is used in science labs to remove solids from liquids. This can be used to remove sand from water.

Tripod Stand

Product Code : SLE/CH/88

Material: Cast iron top and miles steel legs painted.
Zinc coated legs are bent outwards for stability. A tripod is a portable three-legged frame, used as a platform for supporting the weight and maintaining the stability of some other object. A tripod provides stability against downward forces and horizontal forces and movements about horizontal axes. A laboratory tripod is a piece of three-legged equipment commonly used to conduct experiments in laboratories.
It is used as a platform to hold and support glassware, such as beakers and flasks, during experiments

Analytical Weight Box

Product Code : SLE/CH/89

Analytical Weight Box contains nine brass weights (one each of 1g, 5g, 10g, 50g and 100g sizes, and two each of 2g and 20g sizes), in polished wooden box, with a 1 to 500mg fractional weight set, 5mg rider and forceps.

Ballistic Galvanometer

Product Code : SLE/CH/90

Ballistic Galvanometer, ohm’s meter is designed for measuring the resistance in electric circuits, it is housed in unbreakable abs case with clear transprent front cover and operated on 1.5v aa cell, size:, 100x100x140 mm.

Heating Mantles

Product Code : SLE/CH/91

Heating Mantle 1000ML in 220 Volt Suitable for laboratories, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, Dyes, Glass plants etc. Particularly useful for Heating inflammable liquids. Electric heating net is hand knitted from glass Yarn and there is no joint to maintain the strength of the yarn and stands high temperature up to 350 degree c. the body of the mantle is spun one piece from non-rusting Aluminum (up to 1000 ML Capacity) duly stoving painted. All heating mantles are lagged with special grade mineral wool. Heating Mantle with Energy Regulator Use Original mantle wire Indicator Light Inbuilt Easy to replace Mantle.

Hoffman Screw Clip

Product Code : SLE/CH/92

Material: Copper, Iron
Screwed, hinged side bar, for use with tubes upto 20 mm outer diameter
Plated metal
Plated brass

Vacuum Desiccator

Product Code : SLE/CH/93

Vaccum Desiccators are made of polypropylene and polycarbonate. These autoclavable vaccum desiccators can hold vaccum upto 740 mm of Hg for 24 hrs without any greasing. The top dome, moulded in rigid and transparent polycarbonate, gives a crystal clear view of the desiccant placed inside. The knurled knob on the top provides easy handling of the dome. The lower part is made of polypropylene. An internal groove is provided on the flange to hold a silicon rubber O-Ring. The polypropylene stopcock is fitted with a self lubricating PTFE plug. This plug works three way i.e. vaccum creation, shutting off & vaccum releasing.

pH Meter

Product Code : SLE/CH/94

We offer wide range of Digital pH Meters with automatic temperature compensation combination pH electrode and RTD probe. 3 1/2 Digit LED display. Useful for pH and Redox Potential Measurement.

Technical Specifications
Range : 0-14 pH
Resolution : 0.01pH
Accuracy : + 0.01 pH ( relative)
Temp. Comp. : Automatic with temp. Probe
Buffer : Manuals with keys
Recognition : 4.00 , 7.00 , 9.20 ( Automatic)
Slope Adjustment : 80% to 120%, by default 100%
Calibration : Auto/Manual 2-Point, 3-Point

Charcoal Block

Product Code : SLE/CH/95

Charcoal Block used to solder on. As this natural charcoal block, it is good at absorbing oxygen during soldering to prevent firestain. Also it is soft allowing you to make dips in the charcoal block to make small round balls of silver. It also protects your surface from the heat of the flame torch. Some people tie iron wire binding around the charcoal block to stop it breaking over long use.

Centrifuge Machine

Product Code : SLE/CH/96

Microprocessor based. Square M S body duly powder coated.Double walled light weight ABS lid. Fitted with microprocessor based 2 lines 16 characters LCD pannel for 0-59 minutes countdown timer, digital rpm meter and programmable speed controller.Prices are with one head 8x15 ml or 4x50 ml (Angel Head) 


Product Code : SLE/CH/97

The DNA-RNA Model includes:
30 colored tubes (Guanine red, Cytosine green, Thymine blue, Adenine gray, Uracil white)
12 white two prong centre, which represents the hydrogen bond between the base pairs
28 black trigonal atom centres which represent sugar
25 red two prong atom centres, which represent phosphate groups
50 yellow tubes that link the phosphate groups to the sugar rings
Wooden base with support rod are included in the kit

Daniell Cell

Product Code : SLE/CH/98

For studying the properties of an electrochemical cell. The Daniell cell consists of a cylindric zinc and copper electrode, a clay vessel and a battery glass. Filled with cell electrolyte the Daniell cell supplies a voltage of approx. 1.1 volts. The cell is delivered without a filling.

Connections: via 4-mm-jacks
Dimensions: 105 mm in height, 65 mm Ø
Suitable filling: Copper sulphate solution (CuSO4), 10% concentration, Zinc sulphate solution (ZnSO4), 10% concentration

Conductivity Demonstrator

Product Code : SLE/CH/99

Consists of two platinum electrodes connected to a non conductive support with a light globe and terminals.  Attach the apparatus to a power supply (battery pack or 6V power supply), immerse it into a beaker of solution and watch if electricity is generated. 

Pipeclay Triangle

Product Code : SLE/CH/100

The pipe clay triangle is used in the process of heating substances in laboratories. The substance is placed in the triangle framework to be heated by a Bunsen burner. Premium quality apparatus designed for lab use.

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