A magnet is a device that produces a magnetic field. We can not see the magnetic field with naked eyes, but it has the most notable property of a magnet because it pulls other ferromagnetic materials like iron and repels other magnets. Magnets have a crucial place in the laboratories.

The Science Lab deals in various kinds of magnets and is a leading magnets manufactures and exporter in Ambala, India. We are producing and supplying an extensive collection of magnets in different sizes and shapes. You can find different magnets at our place like bar magnets, horseshoe magnets, neodymium magnets, ring magnets, and different varieties of magnet kits, etc.

Our magnets have the most powerful properties. They are potent magnets, cost-effective, and are user friendly. We design our Educational Lab Equipment, keeping in mind the need of our buyers, and we are one of the proud dealers in the market of science laboratory equipment.

Economy Alnico Bar Magnets

Product Code : SLE/MG/01

Painted magnets sold in pairs with separator and keepers. 
Available in 2 sizes.

One pair of painted magnets with separator and keepers. 

  • 2 x 1/2 x 1/4"
  • 3 x 1/2 x 1/4"

Bar Magnets, Unpainted

Product Code : SLE/MG/02

These magnets are the perfect size and strength for use with our Magnetic Field Demonstrator to show magnetic lines of force. 
Poles are stamped for easy identification.
Sold in pairs and available in 2 sizes.

Economy Magnet Kit

Product Code : SLE/MG/03

Kit includes a variety of magnets and accessories for teaching the basics of magnetism. 
This valuable set includes:- 

  • One steel horseshoe magnet
  • 2 ceramic bar magnets
  • 3 ceramic donut magnets
  • 4 metal squares (iron, copper, aluminum, and zinc)
  • Pack of iron filings
  • Natural lodestone, and 2 magnetic compasses. 

Kit includes instructions and storage case. 

Steel Horseshoe Magnet

Product Code : SLE/MG/04

Painted red with silver poles.
Horseshoe steel magnet set.
Includes keeper. 

  • 75-millimeters
  • 100-millimeters  
  • 150-millimeters

Neodymium Magnets

Product Code : SLE/MG/05

Most powerful permanent magnet, many times the strength of ordinary or other rare-earth magnets. 
Made of neodymium (Nd), iron (Fe), and boron (B). 
Neodymium magnets are more durable than ceramic magnets.

Magnet Set of 4

Product Code : SLE/MG/06

Set of 4 powerful alnico magnets with keepers. 
Set consists:-

  • 2 bar magnets 80mm x 15mm x 10mm.
  • A small horseshoe magnet 25mm tall x 8mm wide. 
  • A large horseshoe magnet 35mm tall x 15mm wide (Set of 4).

Cylindrical Cow Magnet

Product Code : SLE/MG/07

Extra-strong, highly polished magnet originally used to protect a cow’s stomach from metal. 
Magnet is 1/2" in diameter × 3" L.
Material: Metal

Magnets, Ring

Product Code : SLE/MG/08

A pack of 16 ceramic ring magnets, perfect for floating magnet sets. 
Each magnet measures 27 mm in diameter, has a 10-mm hole, and is 5 mm thick.

Magnet Set

Product Code : SLE/MG/09

Use this set to compare magnet strengths, e.g., bar to horseshoe and short horseshoe to long horseshoe. 
Set also contains a vial of iron filings to visualize magnetic fields and a vial of steel pieces to compare magnet strength.

Super Floating Magnets Set

Product Code : SLE/MG/10

Use this set to compare magnet strengths, e.g., bar to horseshoe and short horseshoe to long horseshoe. 
Set also contains a vial of iron filings to visualize magnetic fields and a vial of steel to compare magnet strength.
Size: 1 1/4"H x 1 1/4"W x 6"D

Magnet Probe

Product Code : SLE/MG/11

Map magnetic fields in 3 dimensions (x, y, and z coordinates) with the Magnet Probe. 
The bar magnet is painted blue on one pole and red on the other pole, making the poles easily distinguishable.
The probe is composed of a small, 1.9-cm-L alnico magnet, which is mounted in a rotating gimbal that spins freely.
The result is an intuitive tool used to visualize the magnetic fields around magnets, electromagnets, and other sources.
Durable plastic construction. 
Size: 4-3/4" L.

Wave Wires Magnet Station

Product Code : SLE/MG/12

Grades 3–8. This exciting demonstration is a great activity to introduce magnetism, visualize magnetic field lines, and even study force and motion through collisions and oscillations from magnetic forces.
Students can watch iron filings dance, propel steel balls inside a viewing tray, create a magnet painting, dangle magnet wires upside down to study oscillations, and more.  
A clear window and transparent tray give students a unique top-down view to observe magnetic force and kinetic interactions. 
Ideal for classrooms, makerspaces, science fairs, STEM programs (with STEAM activities), and other educational settings.Contains enough materials for 1 small group. 

Early Magnetism Kit

Product Code : SLE/MG/13

This bumper magnetic kit contains a fantastic selection of magnetic material that can either be used by the whole class, or groups for magnetism discovery work. 
The kit contains:-
4 giant magnets, 24 brightly coloured magnetic wands, 200 magnetic marbles, 6 sets of floating magnets, pack of 10 iron filings bubbles, 2 super magnets, 1 tub of coloured paper clips and 2 pairs of plastic cased magnets. 
All of the items are housed in a deep tote tray with lid.

Magnadur Magnets

Product Code : SLE/MG/14

As used in Westminister Electromagnetic kit.
50 x 19 x 6mm (rectangular).
Pack of 10

3D Magnets Set

Product Code : SLE/MG/15

Unique 3 dimensional construction system which uses magnetic attraction to link the 108 colourful building blocks.
for construction activities and discovering magnetic properties. 
Includes 2 baseboards. 

Plastic-Covered Ceramic Magnets, Pair

Product Code : SLE/MG/16

Size: 3" L × 3/5" W × 2/5" D.
The plastic cover lets you wipe dirt right off these powerful ceramic magnets. 
Colorful plastic provides a strong contrast to metal filings when used to demonstrate magnetic lines of force. 

Magnetic Field Tube

Product Code : SLE/MG/17

For 3-D demonstrations of magnetic fields. 
Tube size: 4" H x 3" diam. 
Comes with multilingual activity booklet.
Redesigned for superior viewing over its lifetime, the Magnetic Field Tube is a sealed plastic display cylinder (now scratch resistant) containing 1.3 oz of steel filings. 
The cylinder has a 1/2"-diam hole through its center in which to insert the super strong alnico cylindrical magnet (included). 

Magnetic Water Kit Class Set

Product Code : SLE/MG/18

This 6-cup pack of model water molecules is the answer for students thirsting to explore and understand polarity, hydrogen bonding, surface tension, solubility, states of matter, and crystal structure. 
Class Set contains 6 Magnetic Water Kits and carrying tray.
Powerful magnets embedded in the atom centers let students see and feel simulated molecular attraction or repulsion, making fundamental molecular interactions easier to comprehend. 

Magnetic Field Demonstrator

Product Code : SLE/MG/19

Study magnetic fields without the mess of iron filings. 
The magnetic force line patterns will be very interesting to your students. 
This rugged device measures 12 cm × 22 cm × 1 cm.
Place a magnet beneath the demonstrator and watch the clear lines of magnetic force become visible through the clear sides of the chamber. 
The transparent acrylic case is filled with fluid and fine iron filings and then permanently sealed shut. 
Set the magnetic field demonstrator on an overhead projector. 
Under the bright light of the overhead projector the lines of force are magnified and very clear. 
Try several arrangements. 

Magnetic Ten Frame Answer Boards

Product Code : SLE/MG/20

These answer boards will encourage learners to participate in class activities. 
Set includes four wipe clean boards and 100 foam magnetic counters. 
The double-sided boards feature a ten frame on one side and a double-ten frame on the reverse. 
Young learners place counters onto the board before holding up their board to display their answer. 
Ten-frame answer boards measure 18cm L x 16cm H.
Magnetic ten-frame answer boards can be used to support a variety of basic numeracy skills such as counting, one-to-one correspondence, number patterns, addition,subtraction and multiplication. 

Magnetic Wooden Blocks

Product Code : SLE/MG/21

Encourage imaginative play through design and construction, as well as teaching children about magnets. 
The magnets are covered by wood giving a clean and natural look to each block. 
The set contains 30 wooden blocks in six shapes.
Large rectangle: L:10 x W:3cm.

Magnetic Wands

Product Code : SLE/MG/22

Pack of 6 magnetic wands in bright colours, 1 each of red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple.
They can be used in conjunction with metallic chips and magnetic marbles.
Dimensions: 190mm

Eco Magnetic Polydron Class Set

Product Code : SLE/MG/23

This is a great way to introduce children to building their first 2D and 3D shapes with magnetic pieces. 
The pieces are made from 30% eco material and are supplied in 4 colours with a neutral on the reverse. 
Designed for whole class use, this 72-piece set contains 36 equilateral triangles and 36 squares. 
The pieces are compatible with all existing Magnetic Polydron sets. 

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