Agriculture is one of the most crucial factors for our country’s GDP growth. Thus, we should take extra care to promote different ways of it. Therefore, we need to develop and research more about. We should also try to experiment new things and to test that we need state of art instruments. These lab equipments are also utilize to exhibit, define and demonstrate grain processing procedures like pulverization, grinding, shredding and crushing in an easy to comprehend manner. Agriculture Lab Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in Ambala, India Agriculture Lab Equipment Manufacturers in Ambala India, Agriculture Lab Manufacturer in Ambala India; Agriculture Lab Manufacturer Exporter in Ambala India

Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus.

Product Code : SLE/AG/01

The Aggregate Crushing Value test set provides a relative measure of the resistance of an aggregate to crushing under a gradually applied compressive load.
All parts of the apparatus are powder coated or galvanized steel, heat treated and ground before manufacturing to make it durable and reliable. 
Each set consists of steel cylinder, plunger, base plate, cylindrical measure and tamping rod. 

Science Lab Export consists of M.S. Cylindrical Container 150mm +/-0.5mm dia x 130mm to 140mm high with base plate 200 to 230mm/sqr x 6mm thick. 
Supplied complete with Tamping Rod, 16mm dia x 600mm long, both ends rounded, 1 no. Metal Measure 115+/- 0.5mm dia x 180 +/- 0.5mm high.
A Plunger of 148mm +/-0.5mm dia x 100 to 115mm high. 

Sample Splitter

Product Code : SLE/AG/02

It handles any material from Sand sizes up to dia. 108 mm. 
Supplied complete with two collecting pans. 
Designed for the reduction of test samples which are too large in volume to be conveniently handled. 
Clam shell hopper: 30 litres capacity. 
Very sturdily constructed, it is totally Cadmium Plated for rust protection.

Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine

Product Code : SLE/AG/03

There is an opening which can be closed with a dust tight cover to facilitate charging and discharging the drum with the material under test. 
A detachable shelf which extends throughout the inside length of the drum which catches the abrasive charge and does not allow it to fall on the cover. 
The machine consists of a hollow cylinder mounted horizontally on a study frame on ball bearings. 
A tray is supplied for collection of the material at the end of the test. 
Complete with Abrasive Charge consisting of a set of Twelve hardened steel balls, approximately 48mm dia. Suitable for operation on 440 V, 3 Phase, 50 cycles, A.C. Supply.
The drum is rotated by an electric motor through a heavy reduction gear at a speed of 30-33 R.P.M. A revolution counter is fitted to the frame. 

Devel Attrition Tester

Product Code : SLE/AG/04

The shaft rotates at 30-33 RPM. 
Through a reduction gear operated by a motor and is provided with a revolution counter. 
It consists of two hollow cylinders closed at one end and provided with Fitting covers at the either end. 
These cylinders are mounted an a shaft at angle of 300 with the axis of rotation of the shaft. 
Hardened steel Balls of 48mm dia. 
Suitable for operation on 440 Volts, Three Phase, 50 Cycles, A.C. supply.
Complete with Abrasive Charge consisting of 12 Nos. 

Wide Wheel Abrasion Testing Machine

Product Code : SLE/AG/05

The machine is equipped with a digital counter which stops the machine at the end of a preset number of revolutions. 
The abrasion wheel is 70 mm thick and rotates at a speed of 75 rpm. Abrasion Testing Machine is designed for determining the resistance to abrasion/wear of natural stones and concrete products used for paving. 
Narrow Wheel Abrasion Testing Machine is designed for determining the resistance to abrasion of unglazed tiles, grouts used for tiles and clay pavers. 
The abrasion wheel is 10 mm thick. Abrasive corundum sand, calibration marble.


620x670x1350 mm

Weigh (approx.)

130 kg


370 W

Jaw Crusher

Product Code : SLE/AG/06

Manganese steel jaws adjustable up to 6 mm opening
250 kg materials can be crushed in approx eight hours
Compact and rugged for laboratory and small production units
Discharge opening adjustment range: 3 – 10mm
Supported with strong steel frame
Voltage: 440 V, Three Phase A.C. Supply
Designed for speed crushing

Laboratory Jaw
Crusher Size


Discharge Size



4″ x 6″

25 to

6mm to

3 H.P.
3 Ph.


6″ x 8″

45 to

10mm to

5 H.P.
3 Ph.


8″ x 12″

65 to

12mm to

7.5 H.P.


12″ x16″

90 to

15mm to

10 H.P.
3 Ph.


15″ x24″

100 to

25mm to

15 H.P.
3 Ph.

1 Ton/hr.

Grid Sieves

Product Code : SLE/AG/07

These are made using aluminium frames and stainless steel rods of 5 mm dia. and comply fully. 
For determination of particle shape Flakiness Index and Elongation of Aggregates are suitable only for hand sieving. 
Size slot width 50.0, 40.0, 31.5, 25.0, 20.0, 16.0, 12.5, 10.0, 8.00, 6.30, 5.00, 4.00, 3.15, and 2.50 mm (set of 14 pcs).

Shape Index Caliper

Product Code : SLE/AG/08

Measurement range is 200 mm and graduated with 0.05 mm increments.
Shape Index Caliper is used for the determination of the shape factor of aggregates. 
Weight (approx.) : 0.4 Kg
Dimensions : 450X150X50 mm

Efflux Index Apparatus

Product Code : SLE/AG/09

Efflux index (flow coefficient of fine aggregates) apparatus consist of two funnels with different opening, cylindrical hopper, metal stand with a shutter and metal container.
Efflux Index (Flow Coefficient of Fine Aggregates) apparatus is used to obtain information about the shape and the angularity of grains of fine aggregates. 
The flow coefficient of an aggregate is the time, expressed in seconds, for a specified volume of aggregate to flow through a given opening, under specified conditions using a standard apparatus. 
Weight Capacity : 5 Kg
Dimensions (in mm) : 150 x 180 x 410

Average Least Dimension

Product Code : SLE/AG/10

Science Lab Export Average Least Dimension (ALD) device complete with Average Least Dimension box – adjustable spacer – fine aggregates 2-9 mm, 1 x spacer set-fine aggregates spare case, spacer set extension 10-18 mm.

Specific Gravity And Water Absorption of Aggregates

Product Code : SLE/AG/11

A mechanical lifting device is used to raise the water tank through the frame height immersing the specimen suspended below the balance. 
The buoyancy balance system developed by Science Lab Export consists of a rigid support frame, incorporating a water tank mounted on a platform. 
The balance supplied may also be used as a standard weighing device, thus providing a versatile and comprehensive weighing system in the laboratory. 6000 g x 0.1 g supplied with frame, water tank and suspension hook.

Riffle Sample Divider

Product Code : SLE/AG/12

The chutes of the Riffle are steep enough to allow rapid flowing of the Materials.
The unit offered are supplied in a range of sizes from 7 mm to 75 mm.
It consists of a sheet metal box mounted on Legs and fitted with a series of chutes of equal width which discharge the material alternatively in Opposite Directions into separate pans. 

Accelerated Polishing Machine

Product Code : SLE/AG/13

Inverter drive to motor for precise speed control.
Digital display preset timer and revolution counter.
Robust welded steel mainframe, standing on adjustable pads.
High ground steel main spindle running in precision sealed ball bearings Science Lab Export additionally protected by a labyrinth seal spindle axially loaded to eliminate end play.
Adjustable 3 phase motor speed control with adjustable timing belt drive,reducing power consumption and improves control.
Science Lab Export Specimens manufactured and easily removed from precision machined moulds.
Water gravity fed from high level tank through calibrated flow meter.
14 Specimens located on ‘Road Wheel’ by rubber rings and held by simpleside fixing.
Used abrasive and water collected in easily removable tray.
Protection by covers and guards may be easily removed for maintenance.
Loaded tyre raised and lowered to the running surface by Science Lab Export mechanical liftingdevice.
Road Wheel Speed : 320 ± 5 rev min -1
Tyred Wheel Set Width mm : 38 ± 2
Electrical Supply : 230v / 110v. 50/60 Hz Single Phase 13 amp
Tyred Wheel Set Diameter mm : 200 ± 3
Tyred Wheel Hardness : (69 ± 3) mm IRHD
Applied Load on the Wheel : (725 ± 10) Newton
Water Tank Height cm : 155
Palletised Dimensions mm (WxDxH) : 1200 x 800 x 1280
Weight (max) Kg : 210
Dimensions mm (WxDxH) : 810 x 790 x 1230


Product Code : SLE/AG/14

Reduces about 450g quartz type material to 100 mesh in one minute
Dia. of grinding wheel: 175mm
Self contained grinder with a rotating disc having planetary movement in vertical plane
Input of material: 6mm
Suitable for operation with 440V, Three Phase, A.C. supply
Material of grinding wheel: High Carbon Steel having 53-60 HRC hardness

Seed Counter

Product Code : SLE/AG/15

This equipment offers more exact and effective results which results in fast and accurate counting of seeds. 
Science Lab Export offers a variety of Agricultural Equipments including Seed Counter which is a micro chip based advanced electronic seed counter which Science Lab Export offers exact programmed seed tallying just at the press of a button. 
An adjustable knob is provided to ensure that the seed moves in a single row.
Slow start & slow stop are provided for better accuracy. 
Membrane Keyboard            
Count maximum upto 999999 seeds in Lot
Micro controller based            
Range 1 to 15mm

Digital Moisture Meter

Product Code : SLE/AG/16

Science Lab Export, Our moisture meter provides accurate reading, have compact design & high data storage capacity. 
This equipment find applications in food grains, pulses, oil seeds & vegetable seeds.
Science Lab Export offers a wide range of Agriculture Lab Equipments including Digital Moisture Meter which is constructed onn Work on the Principle of Pressure. 
It will also give you moisture for around 15 commodities. 

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