Earth sciences are the fields of study concerned with the solid Earth, its waters, and the air that envelops it. They include the geologic, hydrologic, and atmospheric sciences with the broad aim of understanding Earth's present features and past evolution and using this knowledge to benefit humankind. Earth Science Equipment Manufacturers,  Suppliers and Exporters in Ambala, Earth Science Equipment  Manufacturers in Ambala India, Earth Science Equipment Manufacturer in Ambala India; Earth Science Equipment Manufacturer Exporter in Ambala India

Miniature Landform Models Set

Product Code : SLE/ES/01
  • Small unpainted 3-D models (4 3/4” x 4 3/4”) make great classroom projects. 
  • Includes lesson plan and 10 sets of 4 models.

Set of four includes landforms

  • Volcanoes 
  • Glaciers 
  • Faulting 
  • Folding

Physiographic Relief Globe

Product Code : SLE/ES/02
  • Physiographic Relief Globe – Study Earth’s anatomy inside and out with this unusual globe.
  • Two piece construction gives students a cross-sectional view of the Earth’s interior, depicting, crust, mantle, inner and outer cores.  
  • Notations specify temperatures, air densities, distances and atmospheric layers. 
  • Globe surface shows all major landforms in raised relief. 
  • Mark able globe includes comprehensive Teacher’s Guide

Landform Relief Maps

Product Code : SLE/ES/03
  • A detailed study guide in combination with seven raised relief maps allows students to take a geological in the classroom. 
  • Raised relief map displays a distinct geographic formation that effectively topography with underlying geology.
  • Size: 21” x 32” 

24” Inflatable Globe

Product Code : SLE/ES/04
  • This inflatable World Globe is an inexpensive way to get a globe into the hands of each student. 
  • Time zones and geographic features are just a few of the attributes of this 24” easy to inflate, World Globe. 
  • Country capitals important cities.
  • Great for school and home use.

Fossil Hunt Kit

Product Code : SLE/ES/05
  • Students learn to identify different fossils after digging them out of a gravel mixture. 
  • Kit contains 1 lb. bag of gravel mixture with 12 real fossils (2 each of 6 different).
  • Corresponding large identified specimens, magnifier, forceps, and Teachers Guide in storage box.

Fossil Collection

Product Code : SLE/ES/0
  • A selection of 15 fossils to illustrate the major life forms present throughout geologic history. 
  • A descriptive key sheet and geologic time chart introduces students to basic fossils and match the fossil to the era.

Vertebrate Fossil Dig

Product Code : SLE/ES/07
  • Let your students in grades 6-12 experience the excitement of a realistic fossil dig. 
  • These fossils are genuine vertebrate fossils and are encased in sediment similar to that in its natural location. 
  • This kit includes a guide, brush, magnifying glass and a digging tool.(is it really an artificial sediment)

Variation And Evolution Fossil Kit

Product Code : SLE/ES/08
  • Introduce your students to intraspecific and interspecific variation with this fossil collection. 
  • Includes Teacher’s Guide, calipers, reproduction rock formations and rulers.
  • Students use calipers and rulers to measure internal and external dimensions of 50 fossil brachiopods imbedded in reproduction plastic rocks. 

Investigating Geological Time And Fossils Chart

Product Code : SLE/ES/09
  • This completely revised multi-color chart depicts the entire geologic time scale with most current geologic dating information.
  • Representative fossils the corresponding geologic periods are mounted on the chart. 
  • Size: 18” x 24” and comes with a wood frame. 
  • Geological Time & Fossils Chart Transparency.

Investigating The Chemical Composition Of Minerals

Product Code : SLE/ES/10
  • The relationship of predominant elements of the Earth’s crust to the recipes for minerals will be explained in this project. 
  • Minerals of the Silicate, Sulfate, Sulfide, Oxide, Halide, Carbonate and Native element families are mounted.
  • Size: 18” x 24” chart 
  • Wood framed on sturdy backing. 
  • 10 Additional Rocks & Charts 

Ores Of Common Metals

Product Code : SLE/ES/11

The term “ore” is used in connection with a rock or mineral mass when it contains enough of an element or compound to make it economically feasible to mine. 
15 specimens of the more important ores are included.

Mineral ID Starter Set

Product Code : SLE/ES/12
  • Contains 30 different minerals (5 of each sample) to be used with the taxonomic key contained in the lab manual.
  • Students test for hardness, specific gravity, color, streak, and cleavage. 

Includes a Mineral Testing Kit which consists:

  • Streak plate
  • Glass plat
  • Hand lens, Magnet
  • Acid bottle, nail 
  • Penny, and hardness scale.

Minerals In Our Food Collection

Product Code : SLE/ES/13
  • From calcium to zinc, some of the many types of minerals that are used in common foods, vitamins, food processing & preserving. 
  • Six numbered specimens approximately 1 1/2” x 1 1/2”. 
  • For our use of minerals for daily nutrition.

Introductory Earth Science Collection

Product Code : SLE/ES/14
  • Basic unit of 75 rocks and minerals demonstrates major rock-forming minerals.
  • Unit includes 75 specimens.
  • Size: 1-1/4” x 3/4″ 
  • Edition specimens are 3” x 3”.
  • Scale of hardness and recognized physical properties. 
  • a streak plate, magnet magnifier and compartmented container. 

Rocks Clever Catch

Product Code : SLE/ES/15
  • Grades: 6-8.
  • Students review the earth material facts surrounding “rocks”. 
  • Tossing the ball around the classroom, bounching it on the playground or spinning it around at home makes for a fun and easy way to learn or review rocks.
  • There are 96 fascinating facts on this 24” inflatable, vinyl ball, covering Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary rock types. 

Earth in 3-D Student Book

Product Code : SLE/ES/16
  • This book is an effective visual introduction to geology. 
  • Aerial photographs of geologically significant locations have been digitally transformed into fascinating 3-D views.
  • A series of study questions accompany each photograph. 
  • Two pairs of 3-D glasses are included with each book.
  • There are sixteen aerial images included in this 3-D book vividly illustrating dozens of landforms typically covered by earth science textbooks such as mesas, landslides, faults, dunes, and volcanoes. 

Seismograph Model For Science Lab

Product Code : SLE/ES/17
  • Seismograph model gives students a better understanding of how earthquakes are measured and calculated to intensity.
  • This small table top unit will captivate your students as they try to top the Richter scale. 
  • Simulate your own earthquakes and the seismograph will accurately record their intensity. 

Storage Boxes – Rock – Mineral Specimens

Product Code : SLE/ES/18
  • These collection boxes to store rock and mineral specimens are rugged polystyrene, and leather-finished cardboard.

Four sizes are available. 

  • 40-Cell Box.
  • Cell Size: 1.5 x 2

Minerals Test Kit

Product Code : SLE/ES/19
  • This kit supplies students with the tools necessary for rock, mineral, and fossil identification.
  • Comes in a zip-lock pouch. 

The test kit includes: 

  • Streak plate, Glass plate
  • Hand lens, Dropper bottle, 
  • Magnet, nail, 
  • Penny, and hardness scale. 

Economy Stream Table Kit

Product Code : SLE/ES/20
  • Sturdy plastic tray is large enough for group study or individual investigations. 
  • A special trough can be used for relating the rate of erosion to slope and stream volume. 
  • Includes a 48 in. x 14 in. x 3 in. heavy plastic tray with drain. 
  • Outlet assembly, 36 in. x 2 in. inlet and outlet hoses, trough.
  • Tray or trough, and a 72 in. x 1/4 in. siphon tube with clamp.
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