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Stirling Engine

Product Code : SLE/H/01

To reverse engine's direction, use ice water.
Rotate the flywheel by hand. 
Avoid rough handling.  
Made of durable stainless steel, this stylish and affordable low-temperature differential unit demonstrates how heat engines convert heat energy into mechanical work. 
A classic demonstration of thermodynamics for middle school. Overall height, about 5-3/4". 
Includes instructions; hot and cold source and cup are needed but not supplied.
Heat source should not exceed 100° C and cold source should not be below −20° C.
This is a delicate instrument and the connections between the flywheel and pistons can be damaged. 

To ensure that the engine works well, perform the following 2 steps before each experiment:

  • The flywheel, connecting rods, and pistons should move freely and without resistance.
  • Check that the connecting rods are properly seated. Linkages to the piston should move freely.

Flywheel diameter: 3-1/2" (9 cm)
Unit height: 5-3/4" (14.5 cm)
Unit weight: 7.6 oz (216 g)
Displacement cylinder diameter: 3-1/2" (9 cm)

Hand-Powered Engine Models

Product Code : SLE/H/02

Mounted on a sturdy base.
Placard with key engine components.
Solid construction of cast metal and plastic.
These items are sold separately.
Cycles through all stages with hand crank rotation.
Each model includes a simulated spark plug (lamp) to indicate the firing point. 
Depending on the model, this lamp requires 2 AA batteries or a 6- to 12-V power supply (not included). 

Heat Specimen Set

Product Code : SLE/H/03

Metal identifications stamped on one end. 
Includes aluminum, copper, stainless steel, tin, and zinc.
Consists of five 1/2"-diameter hooked cylinders, precision machined to equal mass. 

Radiation Can Set

Product Code : SLE/H/04

Study absorption, emission, and Newton's law of cooling. 
Cans are identical except for color: one is black and the other is bright tin. 
Insert a thermometer (not included) in the hole at the top of each can to measure changes in water temperature.

Heat Transfer Kit

Product Code : SLE/H/05

Used to observe and measure heat transfer. 
Consists of 2 insulated containers with lids, an aluminum transfer bar, 2 thermometers, and instructions.

Leslie's Cube

Product Code : SLE/H/06

Dimensions: 4 x 4".
Needed but not included: water, thermometer, and light source.
Measure thermal radiation properties as a function of temperature, color, and surface texture.

Thermal Conductivity Bars

Product Code : SLE/H/07

Plastic base: 7" L. 
Includes instructions.
Test the conductivity of 4 metals at once. 
Dimensions: metal strips, 5-1/4" L x 3/8" W × 3/8" D; 
Dip the ends into a temperature water bath and teach heat conduction. 
Steel, brass, aluminum, and copper strips are connected to a strip thermometer and mounted on a plastic base.

Convection of Gas Apparatus

Product Code : SLE/H/08

With instructions.
Used to study convection currents in the air. 
Consists of a metal box: 9" W × 4" D × 4" H. 
With a removable glass front, 2 chimneys, and touch paper. 

Ice Melting Kit

Product Code : SLE/H/09

Stump your students with this amazing demonstration of conductivity. 
Place ice on 2 identical squares and watch as the ice immediately melts on one square but remains unchanged on the other.

Radiation Kit

Product Code : SLE/H/10

Examine heat absorption of light versus dark surfaces. 
Consists of 6-oz black metal can, 6-oz shiny metal can, 2 insulating lids.
2 thermometers (–20 to 50° C), 110-V AC clamp lamp with reflector, and instructions.

Heat Conducto meter

Product Code : SLE/H/11

Demonstrates the rate of heat conduction in 5 different metals. 
The rods are aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, and steel, and each has a cavity in the outer end for holding paraffin.
Unit is equipped with 5 rods, 15 mm in diameter and 95 mm L, each of different metals equally spaced on a brass disk and mounted on an insulated handle.

Calorimeter, Electric

Product Code : SLE/H/12

Operates at 4 A. 
Requires a 6-V lantern battery (not included).
The supporting posts and coil are coated to prevent electrolysis. 
Comes with insulated stirrer, single-hole rubber stopper, and instructions. 
The molded cover of this device contains a 1.5-ohm heating coil with standard binding posts for electrical connections. 

Food Calorimeter

Product Code : SLE/H/13

Easily measure the calories in solid foods with this unique device.
This simple procedure lets students test multiple samples within one class period.  
Then calculate the heat evolved per gram of food burned, comparing the result to food labels or other burned samples.
Pin the food on the stand under a flask of water and measure the temperature change of the water as the food burns.
Instructions included.

Thermoelectric Effects Apparatus

Product Code : SLE/H/14

The Thermoelectric Effects Apparatus is designed for 2 types of investigations:
Investigating the thermal characteristics and measuring techniques of 3 devices commonly used for industrial and technical thermometry.
The instruction manual contains sample activities and sample data.

Heater Supply: Regulated Voltage Source: 0- to 36-V DC, 10-turn potentiometer control
Digital Current Display: 0.000 to 1.999 A
Cooling Fan: 12-V DC, 0.14 A, on/off switch control
Digital Controller: Configurable for P, PI, PD, or PID mode
Process Value (PV) Range: 0 to 400° C (factory default—settable)
PV Temperature Display: 4-digit, resolution 1° C or 0.1° C
SV Temperature Display: 4-digit, resolution matches PV

24 settable parameters
2 parameters determined by apparatus configuration

Power Input: 110-V AC, 60 Hz, 65 W
Fuse: Miniature type, 5 x 20 mm, F1.5 A, 250 V
Dimensions: Oven: 13 cm H x 35 cm W x 31 cm D
Brass Heating Block: 40 mm diam x 67 mm H
Weight: 5.2 kg (11-1/2 lb)

Thermocouple (K-type, Chromel-Alumel)
Chromel: Ni, 90%; Cr, 10%
Alumel: Ni, 95%; Mn, 2%; Al, 2%; Si, 1%

The thermocouple generates approximately 4 mV for a temperature difference of 100° C between the hot and cold junctions. 
Measurement of the output between room temperature and 100° C can conveniently be made using a digital multimeter with a resolution of 0.01 mV or an appropriate data logger. 
The temperature of the ice water should be measured before and after the experiment using independent means, such as a thermometer or temperature probe.


Stirling Engine with Alcohol Burner

Product Code : SLE/H/15

The Stirling engine uses an external heat source to create a temperature difference that produces energy.
Observe firsthand the conversion of heat into mechanical and electrical energy. 
Quality construction means this model will last through many uses. 
Moving the pistons and a flywheel so the engine runs. 
Easily see all working parts of the engine. 
No assembly required. Includes instructions. 
Base dimensions: 3-1/2 x 7"
Height to the top of engine: 3-1/4"

Energy Transfer Balls

Product Code : SLE/H/16

When 2 steel balls collide, the impact generates enough heat to burn a hole in a piece of paper. 
Your students will not forget this spectacular transformation of mechanical energy into heat energy. 
Instructions included.

Expansion Apparatus

Product Code : SLE/H/17
  • Demonstrates the linear expansion of solids. 
  • The pointer moves along a scale reading 0 to 90.
  • The expansion bar is fixed to one upright and rests beneath a friction pointer on the other upright. 
  • Comprising two cast-metal uprights linked by a pair of parallel plated metal support rods and supporting an expansion bar at the top. 

Melting Point Apparatus Simple

Product Code : SLE/H/18
  • A very simple device for determination of melting point of amorphous solids. 
  • Comprises an aluminium cylinder with an obliquely drilled hole at its top for accommodating thermometers. 
  • When a very thin layer of the substance, whose melting point is to be determined, is sprinkled on top of the block and is gently heated, the temperature at which substance melts can be directly read from the thermometer.

Conductivity Apparatus

Product Code : SLE/H/19
  • The apparatus consists of six metal rods, one each of copper, iron, lead, aluminium, steel and zinc of fixed horizontally through holed rubber bungs inside a sheet metal.


  • 150x90x100mm,
  • 150x3mmhaving six.
  • Holes on one side.
  • Plastic Handle.
  • Wooden Handle

Measuring Vapor Apparatus

Product Code : SLE/H/20
  • For this purpose, water is heated in a closed pressure chamber at constant volume.
  • Typical equilibrium states between gas and liquid phases can be set up.
  • This allows for investigations to be performed on real gases andvapours.
  • The high-pressure steam apparatus makes it possible to measure steam pressure in a temperature range of 100-250 °C.
  • Heat of vaporisation is determined at various temperatures from the measurement of vapour pressure as a function of temperature.
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