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Product Code : SLE/PHY/49

The active material is enclosed in metal foil fixed in a cylindrical mount provided with a stem of 4 mm diameter. The nature and strength of each source is clearly engraved on its mount and it is also color coded for identification. Each is supplied in a small lead castle’ in a suitably labelled MDF storage box 100 x 75 x 65 mm high. The foil is further protected from accidental damage by a wire gauze cap over the open window’ of the mount. A data sheet is enclosed with each.

5μCi (185 kBq) of Americium 241 incorporated in a silver-palladium disc which transmits a substantial proportion of the alpha particles and a small amount of low energy gamma emission.
• Emissions : α and γ
• Color code : Brown
• Half-life : 458 years

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