Ever wonder if there will be no standardization in measurements, it will create chaos in the surrounding and will vary from person to person. So measuring becomes a crucial subject and needs standardization in 1960, the 11th General Conference on Weights and Measures establish The International System of Unit, also known as SI units. In laboratories, measurements are an essential subject and its instruments are the basics of the labs.

The Science Lab manufactures and supplies the measuring instruments which are known for their accuracy. We have a wide variety of spring scales & balances, measuring beakers & flasks, scales, thermometers, calipers, weights & masses, measuring tapes, and many more. They are available in different sizes, from enormous weights to precision masses with accuracy up to 0.01g. Our Educational Lab Instruments follow the International System of Units and are reliable, user-friendly, and produce using high-grade raw material. 

Triple Beam Balance

Product Code : SLE/ME/01

Large, stable metal body and generous stainless-steel pan to with.
Magnetic damping, positive-poise positioning, and well-defined notches for reliable readings.
Capacity: 610 g
Readability: 0.1 g
Stainless-steel plate platform 
Diameter: 6" (15.2 cm).

Electronic Balances

Product Code : SLE/ME/02

Hinged draftshield for more accurate weighing, LCD display, travel protection lock, RS232 interface hookup, and 2 weighing modes (g and N).
Durability: Splash-proof keypad, stainless-steel pan, sturdy body, plus 200-lb load cell protection.
Flexible Energy Source: Includes an AC adapter or switch to 4 AA batteries (not supplied) when in the field.
Lockable: Optional Balance Security Device sold separately.
Calibrate each balance from the keypad. 
Dimensions: 51/2 x 9 x 21/2" (139 x 228 x 63 mm).
Balance 300 g, Readability 0.1 g
Balance 150 g, Readability 0.01 g
Balance 3000 g, Readability 0.1 g

Electronic Pocket Scales

Product Code : SLE/ME/03

Economical Electronic Pocket Scales can meet many of your weighing needs in the lab. 
They measure only 4 x 2½" (weigh pan is same size), offer good reproducibility, and feature a bright backlit LCD. Cover doubles as a tray. 
Weighing modes: g, ct, dwt, and gn. 
Very quick tare mode. 
Size:  500 × 0.1 g and 100 × 0.01 g. 
Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included).

Plastic Weighing Boats

Product Code : SLE/ME/04

Suitable for all types of balances. 
Made of polystyrene.
Smooth surface and rounded corners provide for easy removal of powdered and granular samples. 
Recesses at the corners facilitate controlled pour-off. 

Mass Set

Product Code : SLE/ME/05

Hexagonal solid steel bars that are easy to work with and accurate to 1 g. 
Length is proportional to mass.
Set includes two 50-g, two 100-g, one 200-g, one 500-g, and one 1,000-g masses.

Spring Scales, Green, 500 g (5 N)

Product Code : SLE/ME/06

This durable spring scale provides direct readings for both force and mass measurement. 
Color-coded ends allow easy differentiation of capacity. 
Clear tubular body with easy-to-read calibrations in both grams and Newtons. 
Scale can be fully zeroed. Green. 500 g (5 N).

Hanging Pan Balance

Product Code : SLE/ME/07

Precision weighing. 
Self-storing specific-gravity platform. 
Readability: 0.01 g
Material: Stainless-Steel 
Platform: 3 1/2" diam x 1/2" D.

Metric Attachment Weight Set

Product Code : SLE/ME/08

Capacity up to 2,610 g.
Lockable (with optional Balance Security Device).
Introducing the new, which offers a 610-g capacity expandable up to 2,610 g with the Metric Weight Set. 
It also features notched and tiered beams for easy reading, magnetic damping for quick results, and a zero adjust compensator to ensure correct zero.

Force Meter/Spring Balance

Product Code : SLE/ME/09

The unique design of this instrument means that it not only weighs suspended objects but also, using the extended rod, can measure the force pushing or pulling an object. 
The device is colored-coded, calibrated in grams and newtons, and has a clear.
Flat area on the rod so you can use a dry-wipe marker to create your own scale. 
Includes instructions and ideas sheet. Red. 2 kg.

Pull-Spring Scales, Economy

Product Code : SLE/ME/10

This spring scale provides accurate measurements in grams and newtons (g/N) to allow your students to easily perform force and mass measurements. 
Each scale includes a metal pointer, zero adjustment, suspension ring, and load hook. 
Dimension: 500 g x 10 g/5 N x 0.1 N.

Compact Balance

Product Code : SLE/ME/11

Calibration: Digital calibration from keypad
Capacity: 220 g
Dimensions: 8-1/10 x 5-1/2 x 1-3/5" (205 x 140 x 41 mm)
Display LCD: (1/2 x 1-1/5" H digits)
Optimal Operating Temperature: 65 to 77° F (18 to 25° C)
Pan Size: 5-1/5 x 5" (132 x 125 mm)
Power:  3 AA alkaline batteries (included) or AC adapter (sold separately)
Readability: 0.1 g
Stabilization Time: 3 sec
Range: To capacity by subtraction
Weighing Modes: g, oz

Weighing Paper

Product Code : SLE/ME/12

Weighing Paper, 3 x 3".
Glazed paper to protect scales and prevent contamination.

Research Pipettors

Product Code : SLE/ME/13

Ergonomically designed Research Pipettors feature a slim, comfortable handle plus excellent accuracy and precision combined with great durability.
Low pipetting forces.
Highly durable shaft.
UV resistant.
In-lab recalibration system.
Research, 0.5 to 10 µL
Research, 10 to 100 µL
Research, 2.0 to 20 µL
Research, 20 to 200 µL

Pipette Controller

Product Code : SLE/ME/14

Pipette Controller is lightweight (only 6-3/10 oz/170 g) and designed to fit comfortably in either the right or left hand. 
The controller versatility with an easy-fit silicone nosepiece, which accepts pipette sizes from 1 to 100 mL. 
A long-life rechargeable lithium battery keeps the controller running for up to 8 hours or 2,500 uses on a single 2-hour charge. 
Controller comes with charger, filters, holder, and instructions. 
With its lightweight, advanced ergonomics, continuously variable electronic speed adjustment, and extended lithium battery life, Pipette Controller is the logical choice for comfort, convenience, and value. 
The natural feel of the ergonomic body design, the computer-balanced weight distribution, and the low pressure fingertip control buttons all combine to provide a more comfortable pipetting experience.

Plastic Microchemistry Pipets

Product Code : SLE/ME/15

Made of low-density polyethylene, which can be cleaned and reused. 
Can be used as a means of storing and transferring liquids.
Micro-dropper; and as a reaction vessel. 
Size: 0.25 mL, 0.5 mL, 0.75 mL, and 1 mL. 
Total capacity includes the bulb.

Micropipette Tips

Product Code : SLE/ME/16

Replacement tips for the United Micropipettors. 
Sold in cases of 1,000 tips each.

Pipet Controller

Product Code : SLE/ME/17

This ergonomically designed cordless pipet controller holds glass or plastic pipets from 1 to 100 mL. 
Its aspiration speed can be set to low or high to adjust for pipet volume, fluid viscosity, and for fine control. 
The replaceable 0.2- and 0.45-µm PTFE filters work with a unique liquid-blocking valve in the controller's silicone nose to protect the unit from liquids. 
The silicon pipet holder (with valve), nosepiece, and PTFE filters are autoclavable. 
Low-battery warning light.

Pipette Controller Replacement Nosepiece Adapter

Product Code : SLE/ME/18

Replacement nosepiece adapter for use with the Pipette Controller. 
Designed to accommodate pipette sizes from 1 to 100 mL.

Pipet Pump II

Product Code : SLE/ME/19

Fast-Release Pipet Pump, 10 mL (green).

Safety Pipet Filler, Silicone

Product Code : SLE/ME/20

Safety Pipet Filler, Silicone.
Enables filling and dispensing of pipets with one hand. 
Highly resistant to organic solvents. 
Adjusts to fit any size pipet.
Silicone fillers are more chemical resistant and resilient than PVC or natural rubber. 

Pipet Aid

Product Code : SLE/ME/21

An economical pipetting aid that provides a safe and easy alternative to mouth pipetting. 
Squeeze the vinyl bulb and draw fluid into the pipet. 
Remove the pipet and cover the end of the pipet with a finger to control and release fluid. 
Tapered polyethylene chuck allows for quick removal when pipet is filled.

Disposable Glass Serological Pipets

Product Code : SLE/ME/22

Sterile - each piece is individually wrapped Plugged. 
All pipets have negative graduations and fire-polished tips for burr-free, even flow rates. 
The easy-open Steri-View wrappers (1 side paper, 1 side plastic) are printed with color-coded sizes for easy identification. 10 x 0.1 mL. 
These pipets-calibrated for total capacity transfer by "blow out"-offer long, slender, tapered tips to make pipetting faster and easier.

Filtered Micropipette Tips

Product Code : SLE/ME/23

Protect against cross-contamination with these racked, sterile, filtered micropipet tips. 
Tips are noncytotoxic, nonhemolytic, and have 99.9% bacterial aerosol filtration efficiency. 
DNase, RNase, and pyrogen free. Rack of 96.
Filters are manufactured with a hydrophobic design to prevent liquids and aerosols from entering the micropipet. 

Pipette Carousel

Product Code : SLE/ME/24

UV-C lamp and reflector system destroys 99% of DNA contamination.
Eliminates cross-contamination.
360° UV exposure.
Fits virtually any pipette.
Compact: 6-1/2" (17 cm) footprint.
Capacity: 6 single-channel pipettes (universal holster fits all brands)
Dimensions: 17 cm D x 33 cm H
Electrical: 100 V, 50 Hz, 1 A
Housing: UV-resistant: polycarbonate
Light Level: 254 nm, UV-C, non-ozone lamp; 450 mW; 2,000 hr
Notes: Reflector is mirrored, aluminum coated, polyester film
Timer: Cycle time is fixed; 28 min

Pipette Carousel Stand

Product Code : SLE/ME/25

Universal design to fit a wide range of pipettes.
Full 360° rotation so each pipette is always at your fingertips.
Built to sturdily hold 6 pipettes in a compact footprint.
Pipette Carousel Stand can hold a set of 6 single-channel pipettes, keeping all within reach for easy use. 
This compact stand (6-1/4" diam) occupies a small footprint of your bench space, making it the ideal option for classrooms and research laboratory. 

Ruler, White Vinyl

Product Code : SLE/ME/26

Measures 6" and 150 mm. 
Also has a number of metric.
With Celsius and Fahrenheit scales on reverse side. 


Product Code : SEL/ME/27

Constructed of hardwood with clear lacquer finish. 
Both edges of one side are graduated in decimeters, centimeters, and millimeters. 
One edge of the other side is graduated in inches and eighths. 
Dimensions: 1" W x 5/16" thick. 
Available with Plain Ends or Metal Ends.

Fiberglass Tape Measure

Product Code : SEL/ME/28

Length, 150 cm.
A high-strength tape with heat-sealed markings to ensure accuracy and eliminate fade. 
One side is graduated in millimeters with 0.5-cm markings in a horizontal readout. 
The reverse side is graduated in 0.5 centimeters with colored decimeter markings in a vertical readout.  

Ruler, Sl Relationship

Product Code : SEL/ME/29

Designed with molded-in handles and hot-stamped, easy-to-read markings that will not wear off. 
One edge shows the relationship between decimeters, centimeters, and millimeters, and the other edge is calibrated and numbered in millimeters.

Trundle Wheel

Product Code : SEL/ME/30

Useful to measure long distances or demonstrate the relationship between circumference and diameter. 
Wheel edges grip smooth surfaces, preventing slippage as the wheel rolls. 
A sturdy, plastic handle enables the user to walk while rolling the wheel. 
The scale is graduated in 1-cm divisions.
The circumference of the wheel measures an accurate meter, and an audible, nonwearing clicking device is activated in either direction with each 1-m revolution. 

Windup Meter Tapes

Product Code : SEL/ME/31

High-quality fiberglass tape in plastic windup case.
Available in 10-m, 30-m, and 50-m lengths. 
Calibrated on 1 side in inches and the other side in 1-cm increments. 
Useful in many outdoor activities and will not tear, rust, or stretch. 

Meter Stick, White

Product Code : SEL/ME/32

Both edges of one side are graduated in decimeters, centimeters, and millimeters.
The reverse side is graduated in 0.5 cm with each centimeter numbered.

Professional Protractor

Product Code : SEL/ME/33

Open center. 
6" ruler on straight edge. 
Clear plastic with permanently bonded calibrations.

Safe-T Compass

Product Code : SEL/ME/34

Desks remain unscratched. 
Edges are ruled in inches and millimeters.
Brightly colored, shatterproof plastic compass draws circles from 1/4 to 10" diam. 
Because it has no sharp point. 

Immersion Thermometer

Product Code : SEL/ME/35

Red-alcohol-filled thermometer with dual scale, Celsius and Fahrenheit. 
Thermometer tube, in a recessed groove for protection, is attached to metal V-shaped backing. 
Thermometer range, -10 to 110° C (in 1° increments) and 0 to 230° F (in 2° increments).

Digital Pocket Thermometer

Product Code : SEL/ME/36

Compact design and simple operation make this thermometer a benefit in any laboratory. 
Temperature range: –50 to 200° C and –58 to 392° F. 
Resolution: 0.1° C or F from –19.9 to 199.9°, otherwise 1°. 
Accuracy: ±1° C/±2° F over full range.
The lightweight composition and a 4-1/4" probe allow it to be used in beakers, cylinders, flasks, and tubes without worry of tipping.
Additional features include an on/off switch, °C/°F button, min/max function, and auto shutoff, plus it comes with a polycarbonate case with pocket clip and 1.5-V battery. 

Red Spirit-Filled Thermometers

Product Code : SEL/ME/37

Red spirit-filled thermometers provide increased safety and economic.
They contain a petroleum-based column with red dye, which is significantly safer than mercury. 
These thermometers all have 6- to 7-mm outer diameters, and the bulbs have equal or smaller diameters than the stems.

Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

Product Code : SEL/ME/38

Range: -55 to 55° C and -50 to 130° F. 
Size: 2 1/4 × 9" H.
Read outside and inside temperatures from inside on the same °C and °F scales. 

Bench Timer

Product Code : SEL/ME/39

Dimensions: 100 x 90 x 70.5mm. 
LCD Dimensions: 63.7 x 19.7mm.
Timing period: up to 9 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. .
The Brannan bench top timers are easy to use and are particularly suited for use in schools. 
They have colour coded buttons and a clear LCD display, housed in a robust ABS casing. 
The timers are highly accurate, have count up with lap and split timing features. 
Supplied complete with fully operating instructions and batteries. 

S-Range Digital Colorimeter - 240V

Product Code : SEL/ME/40

Operating ranges: Absorbance, 0-1 linear and 0-2.
Linear Transmission: 0-100% Max. initial absorbance of reference solution 0.8A, 1.0A, 10%.
Adjustment Automatic: push button zeroing with LED indicator.
Light source: 6V, 0.15A MES
Filters: 8, 430-700nm (violet to red)
Detector Silicon: photodiode
Output: 0-1V for dataloggers or computers
Dimensions: 380 x 160 x 80mm
There are two absorbance ranges and one transmission range.
The eight colour filters are held in a rotatable filter holder. 
The single cuvette holder takes 10mm path length cuvettes. 
Mass: 1.5kg Supplied with 2m detachable mains cable, filter disc, spare lamp and dust cover for filter disk and cuvette socket.
An automatic gain control provides automatic zeroing by simply pressing a switch and the instrument is insensitive to normal ambient lighting. 
The instruments have 0-1V output sockets fitted as standard and are compatible with our range of data logging equipment.

Digital Stopclock

Product Code : SEL/ME/41

Large 12mm high display.
The stopclock can time up to 1 hour in 1/100 second with split (lap) timing if required. 
It is powered by two AA/R6 or HP7 cells which give many months of use. 
Timing features include start/stop and reset via the top-mounted push switches or via the front panel 4mm sockets.
If light gates are to be used, the Centisecond Timer Module provides extra facilities.

Bench Stopwatch

Product Code : SEL/ME/42

A simple easy to use 1/100 second stopclock counting up to 24 hours with lap facility, clock with calendar and alarm.
White case with three button operation consisting of mode, split/lap/reset, and start/stop. 
R6 battery included. 
Size: L120 x Bench StopwatchW100 x H45mm.

Digital Melting Point Apparatus

Product Code : SEL/ME/43

Number of samples: 2
Temperature range: Ambient to 300°C
Temperature resolution: 1°C.
Temperature accuracy: ±1% of display temperature
Display: Three digit LED
Sensor: PT100.
Ramp rates: 20°C per minute to plateau. 2°C per minute to melt
Overall Size: W160 x D220 x H170mm
Mass: 1.8kg.
The viewing cover is easily removed to allow access to the bulb and for cleaning. 
The heating block is behind a protective screen and is designed to heat quickly and remains at the selected plateau temperature until the user is ready to start the test. 
A large LED display makes reading the temperature easy and three LEDs show the user the state of the sample. 
This unit has extendable feet, allowing the user to view samples at an optimum angle. 

Melting-Point Tubes

Product Code : SEL/ME/44

Thin walled capilliary tubes, 100mm long, 1mm in diameter.

pH mV and Temperature Meter

Product Code : SEL/ME/45

pH range: 0.00 to 14.00
pH accuracy: ±0.01pH
Range mV: ±1999mV
Resolution mV: ±1mV
Temperature range: 0.0 to 100.0°C
Temperature accuracy: ±0.4°C
Battery: 9V
Dimensions: 145 x 80 x 36mm
Weight: 230g
A portable pH meter with large LCD screen and Manual calibration. 
The plastic bodied pH electrode contains the temperature sensor making it easier to handle. 
Calibration is easily performed using the trimmers on the front of the instrument, with instructions shown on the screen. 
Readings are temperature compensated upto 70°C.
Supplied complete with pH/C probe, battery, instructions and case.

Analogue Melting Point

Product Code : SEL/ME/46

The dual heating block allows for up to a maximum of two samples to be tested simultaneously.
A rotary knob is adjusted to vary the heating rates from 0°C/min to a maximum of 20°C/min to heat the sample to its melt temperature. 
The magnifying lens in the eyepiece aided by the illumination provided by a bright white led gives clear view of the sample during its melting phase.
User Interface Rotary Knob.
Temperature Unit °C
Operating Range Ambient Temperature:380°C
Heating Rates :1°C/min to a max of 20°C/min
Electrical Supply: 230V, 50Hz, 50W
Cabinet Dimensions: W185 x D220 x H176mm
Net Weight: 1.2kg
Temperature range: 380°C. 

Digital Thermometer

Product Code : SEL/ME/47

Temp.: -40 - 300°C / -40 - 572°F
Resolution: 0.1°
Accuracy: ±1°C (-40 - 150°C) / ±2°C (-40 - 302°C)
Removable stainless-steel probe: 90mm – Ø 3.5mm
Cable: 110cm
Data Hold
Magnetic Back

2 pH Meter

Product Code : SEL/ME/48

Range: 1 to 13 pH.
Resolution: 0.01 pH.
Accuracy: ±0.01 pH.
Temperature compensation: Automatic from: 0 to 70°C.
Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C.
Power requirements: three 1.5V button cells (type 675H or A76).
Length: 160mm
A pocket pH meter with the accuracy of a bench meter. 
The Piccolo is simple to use and has a dual point calibration. 
The replaceable electrode has a built-in amplifier. 
Supplied complete with batteries, a small screwdriver for calibration and carrying case.

Spare Colour Filter Wheel for S-Range Digital Colorimeter

Product Code : SEL/ME/49

Spare Colour Filter Wheel for the S-Range Digital Colorimeter. 
Contains eight Ilford narrow pass filters in plastic circular mount.
violet - 380 - 470nm
blue - 440 - 490nm
blue/ green - 470 - 520nm
green - 500 - 540nm
yellow/ green - 530 - 570nm
yellow - 560 - 610nm
orange - 580 - 700nm
red - 625 - infra red

Waterproof pH Meter

Product Code : SEL/ME/50

Temperature compensation: auto 0 to 50°C
Battery: 4 x V675HP
Waterproof pH meter with a casing that will float if dropped in water. 
Resolution with dual level LCD showing pH and temperature readings simultaneously. 
Calibration is automatic (1 or 2 points) using push buttons with a choice of five buffer values. 
For convenience the pH readings can be held on the LCD using the HOLD button and the meter will automatically switch itself off to preserve battery life.  
It can be easily replaced by the user by simply plugging in a new one.

Colourwave Colorimeter

Product Code : SEL/ME/51

Range: Absorbance –0.3A to 1.99A, Transmission 0 to 199%T
Filters: Eight gelatin filters 440 – 680nm range
Bandwidth: 40nm
Repeatability: ±0.02A at 1A
Output: Analogue: 0-2V for 0-2A, 0-1.99V for 0-199T. Via 2 x 4mm sockets & Digital RS232
Cuvette holder: Fixed with drain hole. 
Power: 240V transformer supplied.
Dimensions: 180 x 150 x 60mm
Mass: 0.5kg
Accepts 10mm path length cuvettes or 16mm diameter tubes.

Plastic Cuvettes

Product Code : SEL/ME/52

Parallel sided, 10mm path length. 
Dimensions: 12.55 x 12.65 x 44.5mm.

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