Planck’s Constant Apparatus

Product Code : SLE/PHY/47

The planck’s constant apparatus functions as a ready-built circuit for the measurement of the photoelectric effect. Ideally used in conjunction with the Picoammeter. Inside the unit are a caesium antimony cathode, a D/C power supply with a potentiometer to provide a variable retarding voltage to the photoelectric circuit and a digital display showing the retarding voltage. A 4 mm to UHF lead is included for connecting the picoammeter to the apparatus. 6 Different colored lenses are provided to vary the value of ‘f’.

Specifications :
DC Stopping potential controlled by 10-turn potentiometer DC voltmeter with 0-19.99 V LED display
Filters : 6 narrow-band (FWHM bandwidth : 4-15 nm), with wavelengths of 405 nm, Female UHF socket for connection to picoammeter
Photocell : caesium antimony cathode (spectral response range 185-650 nm)
Power source : 9 V PP3 battery Dimensions: 205 x 150 x 115 mm (W x H x D)

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Teltron Helmholtz Pair of Coils S

Product Code : SLE/PHY/48

Teltron Helmholtz Coils S
Pair of Helmholtz coils for generating a uniform magnetic field perpendicular to the axis of the Teltron S series tube. Teltron Tube Holder S allows the coils to be configured in the Helmholtz geometry or at variable distances to produce magnetic fields aligned vertically, or coaxial, with respect to the tube axis. The maximum field strength generated by the coils (~ 10 mT) is approximately 300 times weaker than that produced by an MRI machine (~ 3T), known to be safe for use by people with medical implants such as pacemakers. Instructions included.

Specification (each) : 
Number of turns :
Coil diameter : 138 mm
Terminals: 4 mm safety sockets
Load rating : 1.0 A (Continuous operation); 1.5 A (Short-term operation)
Effective Impedance : approx. 6.5 ohm
Max. field strength: approx. 9 mT.

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Sealed Radioactive Source, Americium

Product Code : SLE/PHY/49

The active material is enclosed in metal foil fixed in a cylindrical mount provided with a stem of 4 mm diameter. The nature and strength of each source is clearly engraved on its mount and it is also color coded for identification. Each is supplied in a small lead castle’ in a suitably labelled MDF storage box 100 x 75 x 65 mm high. The foil is further protected from accidental damage by a wire gauze cap over the open window’ of the mount. A data sheet is enclosed with each.

5μCi (185 kBq) of Americium 241 incorporated in a silver-palladium disc which transmits a substantial proportion of the alpha particles and a small amount of low energy gamma emission.
• Emissions : α and γ
• Color code : Brown
• Half-life : 458 years

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Micrometric Slide

Product Code : SLE/PS/02

Also known as a Stage Graticule Slide. 
Suitable for use with transmitted light microscopes.
Micrometric glass slide for microscope calibration.  
For use together with the micrometer eyepiece to manually calibrate a microscope for cell counting.

Technical Specifications:-
Size: 26x76mm
Range: 1mm.
Divisions: 0.01mm

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Plancks Constant Determination Box

Product Code : SLE/PHY/50

This apparatus is designed to determine the approximate value of Planck’s Constant using the elbow voltage in the characteristics curves of a number of LEDs. By monitoring the voltage at which each LED begins to emit light a graph of energy input as a function of light emitted frequency can be plotted and an approximate value of Planck’s Constant can be deduced. There are seven LEDs covering from deep blue at 470 nm to near IR 940 nm mounted on the box with sockets for voltage and current measurements. External 9 V power source or 9 V battery and connecting leads required.

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Monocular Biological Microscope 400x

Product Code : SLE/M/03

This microscope is designed for younger students. 
Illumination is via natural light and a mirror. 
Being light weight & handy, it helps carrying around and can be used for field work.
It is simple to use, yet having features of a compound microscope precision optical glass Lenses and metal components are engineered for years of reliable performance. 

Technical Specifications:-
Head: Monocular Tube inclinable upto 90 degrees.
Illumination: 38mm dia. mirror.
Objectives: Achromatic 4X - 10X- 40XSL.
Magnifications: 40x, 100x, 400x.
Stage: 100 x 90mm. Plain Mechanical stage with paired clips.
Eyepiece: Wide Field 10X.
Nosepiece: triple revolving nosepiece with positive centering.
Condenser: Single Lens with Disc diaphragm.
Focusing system: Coarse and Fine

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Teltron Dual Beam Tube D

Product Code : SLE/PHY/51

Semi-evacuated electron tube filled with low-pressure helium and containing a tangential and axial electron gun. In the case of axial bombardment and a co-axial magnetic field, kinetic gas theory (e.g. impact excitation) and particle collisions can be studied through observations of the fine, luminescent beams resulting from excitation of the helium atoms. In the case of tangential bombardment and a perpendicularly aligned magnetic field, the fundamental electron charge-to-mass ratio can be determined from the diameter of the observed beam pattern. Product includes tube only. Instructions included.

Specification :
Max. filament voltage :
7.5 V
Max. deflection voltage : 50 V DC.
Max. anode voltage : 300 V DC
Anode current : approx. 30 mA at 200 V (anode)


Teltron Perrin Tube S

Product Code : SLE/PHY/52

Highly evacuated electron tube with focusing electron gun and fluorescent screen inclined relative to the beam axis so that the path of the beam can be seen and the effects of electric and magnetic fields can be studied.

The electron beam can be deflected using two methods :
Electrically using electric field of the built-in plate capacitor, or
Magnetically using external Helmholtz Coils S. Also determine the fundamental electron charge to - mass ratio (e/m) and study mean electron velocities using field cancellation. Instructions included.

Specification (each) : 
Max. filament voltage:
6.3 V AC
Anode current: approx. 0.1 mA at 4 kV (anode).
Max. anode voltage: 5 kV
Max. capacitor voltage: 500 V

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