Dual Range Ammeter

Product Code : SLE/PHY/01A

Dual Range Ammeter 0-1 and 0-5A
Moving coil Ammeters, DC only, with zero adjustment and 4mm socket terminals. 
Size: 125 x 80 x 80mm. 
2.5% accuracy.
Dual Range: 0-1 and 0-5A.
Scale length: 60mm.  

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Ammeter DC Dual Range OHP

Product Code : SLE/PHY/01

Used to measure the flow of electric current in a circuit. Each unit incorporates dampening features and magnetic shielding. DC -dual range 0-0.5A & 0-2.5A. (+/-2.5% Accuracy).  Built in transparent cases so that they can easily be projected for classroom education via an OHP.

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Ammeter Voltmeter

Product Code : SLE/PHY/02

Measures both voltage between two points in an electric circuit and the flow of electric current. A slide selector for amps / volts automatically selects internal shunting -indicates whether on amps or volts reading and secures the input sockets from the possibility of incorrect connection. The input is made via a dual 4mm or terminal type connection and zeroing is achieved by screw adjustment on the front of the meter. This dual purpose meter offers an analogue quadruple range.  

Range –
DC Amps Dual scale: 100 uA -100mA -1A & 5A.
DC Volts Dual scale: 100 mV -1V -10V & 50V. 
Dimensions : 160x114x60 mm.Factorur, ex mus, quiz Extra Surface

Apparatus Air Track Light Gate

Product Code : SLE/PHY/03

One of the most useful pieces of apparatus that a physics class could have. Used to study linear motion under virtu-ally frictionless conditions. Allows one to four carts to ride along on a cushion of air. Photo light gate system com-plete with timer light gates -accessories kit and Blower Air source. Spring bumpers can be attached to record impact forces and weights can be attached to each cart for studying momentum and many other phenomena’s involving force. High precision pulleys are included to mount on the ends for performing free falling and incline experiments.

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Apparatus Air Track Part Kit

Product Code : SLE/PHY/04

Replacement part for apparatus air track.
Kit contains :
2 heavy and 1 light vehicle with their mass ratio 2:1
2 Magnetic buffers
2 Plasticine Holders with central hole
24 Needles
20 Black plain cards
4 Catapults with slots for elastic band
1 Reel of nylon thread
2 White rods (4 mm diam.150 mm long)
1 Pack of plasticine
20 Elastic bands
1 Instruction manual.

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Apparatus Bar & Gauge

Product Code : SLE/PHY/05

For illustrating expansion by heat and contraction by cooling. Length 225mm approx.

Comprising a bar of iron 108 mm x 12.7 mm l x d, mounted on a support rod fitted with a wooden handle and a brass gauge 150 x 38 mm with a cut-out -which just admits the bar lengthways and a hole and a hole which passes the bar endways when cold.

Apparatus Collision 2 Dimension

Product Code : SLE/PHY/06

Study how energy and momentum change in elastic and inelastic collisions. The apparatus consists of a curved track with a base permanently mounted at one end. The track is level so the collision occurs only in the horizontal plane simplifying the calculations. On the base is a support to hold a ball at the proper height for a center to center collision with a second ball rolling down the track. A pin and three holes are provided in the track so that the drop height of the ball is consistent.

Apparatus Conductivity Cam

Product Code : SLE/PHY/07

To demonstrate different thermal conductivities of different metals. The apparatus also facilitates the studying of observations at later stage also through the use of index. The vessel has thick rim at the top for supporting it by ring fitted to a retort stand. Apparatus consists of metal rods mounted vertically on the outer side at the base of a cylindrical copper vessel. Supplied complete with indices.

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