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Product Code : SLE/PHY/71

This Light Dependent Resistor is housed in a robust clear plastic case. Encapsulated in a moisture resistant coating and enclosed in a plastic casing. Dark resistance of 1 MO. Cadmium sulphide light dependant resistor that is more specifically, a CdS photoconductive cell with a spectral response similar to that of the human eye.

•Housed in a robust plastic package with clear end window
•Resistance reduces as the light falling on the LDR increases

Technical Specification : 
Dimensions Top :
14.35 x 7 mm (dia. x d)
Length Pins : 9.53 mm
Dark resistance : 1 MΩ
Resistance @ 1ftc : 5.4 kΩ min, 12.6 kΩ max.
Max. voltage : 250 V peak AC or DC
Power dissipation : 250 mW max.
Operating temperature : –60°C to +75°C

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