Working Model of Electric Motor

Product Code : SCL-423/108


• Electric motor model in acrylic body.

• A model of the simplest form of DC electric motor, having 2-pole armature wound with enameled copper wire on insulated plastic bobbin.

• A magnetic field provided by a removable permanent magnet.

• The construction of the model is completely open with all components easily identifiable and functioning clearly observable.

• A disc-type commutator is incorporated and external connection to the phosphorus bronze bushes is by means of a pair of 4mm colour coded sockets.

• The motor operates on 6-8 volts DC.

Working Model of Dynamo

Product Code : SCL425/109


• Dynamo Model AC Superior Quality

• Show the conversion of mechanical energy into electric energy and principle of working of simple AC and DC Dynamo.

• This model uses the basic assembly as the motor, but is mounted on a base plate.

• It has a hand-driven pulley coupled to the smaller dynamo pulley by a rubber belt to give a step- up ratio.

• Electrical output is via a pair of 4 mm sockets and 2 bulbs are provided as simple output.

Newton’s Ring Model

Product Code : SCL-427/110


• Newton's Ring Model superior quality Combination of two lenses in Aluminium Frame

• Interference fringes are clearly seen when newton ring apparatus is viewed in sunlight, fluorescent light or monochromatic light.

• The glass plate and convex lens are held in a heavy aluminum frame having three adjusting screws.

• The frame is 9 cm in diameter and aperture is 5 cm.

• The Newton Ring are used to study constructive and destructive interference.

• Pressure between the two glass plates adjustable by three spring-loaded screws.

Logic Gate Apparatus

Product Code : SCL-429/111


• Housed in a plastic box, all modules have truth tables along with necessary details printed on it, input and output through 4mm sockets in different colors for easy identification.

• Contains : AND,OR, NOT, AND, NOR, Ex- OR, Ex-NOR

Zener Diode Experiment Circuit Board

Product Code : SCL-431/112


• Zener diode characteristics apparatus (forward & reverse v-i characteristics)

• Objective : to study forward & reverse v-i characteristics of zener diode.

• Features : instrument comprises of dc regulated power supply 0-15vdc/150ma, two round meters for voltage & current measurement, 3 zener diodes mounted behind the panel, connections of supplies, meters & zener diode brought out at 4mm sockets.

PN Junction Diode

Product Code : SCL-433/113


• Pn Junction Diode Apparatus (Semiconductor diode experiment kit with two meters on board (superior)

• PN junction diode character instrument semiconductor diode kit used for studying semiconductor diode in forward and reverse condition

• Two round meter voltmeter and ammeter are used for current and voltage measurement, knobs are provided for adjustable

• The kit has inbuilt IC regular power supply for better performance in DC voltage.

• Portable and easy to use in physics, electronics lab related experiments in school or institute

Zener Diode

Product Code : SCL-435/114


• Zener Diode on board

• Range : 0-10V

Carbon Resistance of Different Values

Product Code : SCL-437/115


Carbon resistance of different values

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