Product Code : SCL-401/098


• Glass Prism; Equilateral 60x60x60 degree,

• Size : 50mm (Superior Quality).

• These Equilateral Triangular Glass Prisms are great for light experiments and teaching students about the properties of light.



• Equilateral design (60°/60°/60°)

• Great for light experiments in the lab

Glass Slab

Product Code : SCL-404/099


• Type : Glass Slab (English Glass)

• Size : 75x50x18 mm.

• Material : Glass

• Shape : Rectangular

• Color : Clear

Iron Stand

Product Code : SCL-410/102


• Iron Stand (with Clamp & Boss Head) 7x5" Sheet Metal

• (Retort Stand) Superior Quality with Dipress Clamp & Boss head



• Best quality raw material

• Long life

• Most appreciated

Drawing Board

Product Code : SCL-412/103


• Material : Wooden

• Size : 12" x 18"

• Color : Brown

• Shape : Rectangular

Magnetic Compass Small Size

Product Code : SCL-414/104


• Compass Magnetic Dia 18mm Both Side Glass.

• With needle pivoted between top and bottom glass plate, without dial, diameter 20mm

• Both side Glass

Battery Eliminator 12 Volt

Product Code : SCL-416/105


• Bridge rectifiers, double wound transformers with good quality enameled copper wire and high-grade laminations minimize losses while ensure continuous trouble free operation over prolonged use.

• Multiple tapping output selectable through rotary switch with positive click stops.


Features :-

• Color coded safety sockets.

• Safety socket for earthing.

• Rigid ABS construction.

• Stackable housing.

• Ergonomic feet.


Technical Specifications :-

Input voltage : 110v – 220v AC (Selectable)

Frequency : 50-60Hz Fuse (Primary): 0.5A

Output voltages : 2-12V DC, with a step of 2V

Bar Magnets

Product Code : SCL-418/106


• Size : 100 x 11 x7mm

• This pair of plastic cased bar magnets is perfect for teaching magnetic attraction and repulsion.

• The magnets are durable and c olored for ease of identifying north and south.

Horse Shoe Magnets

Product Code : SCL-421/107


• The magnet has two magnetic poles close together.

• This shape creates a strong magnetic field between the poles.

• It is one type of permanent magnet, meaning that it stays magnetized, as opposed to an electromagnet, the magnetic field of which can be started and stopped

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