Spirit Level

Product Code : SCL-458/125


• length : 4”

• Material: Aluminum

• Magnetic base

• Color: Yellow

Tool Kit

Product Code : SCL-461/126


Used in electrical works


Consists of :-

• Plier, Screw Driver, Drill Machine And All Essential Tools)

Crocodile Clip For Connections

Product Code : SCL-468/129


• Clips 38 mm, Plated, standard flexible wire 50 cm long.

• Each set of two wires.

• This Banana Pin to Crocodile Clip-Test Lead is used in multimeter .

• Insulated flexible lead with banana plug at one end and crocodile clip at the other.

• Red & black color pair.

Board Pin Packet

Product Code : SCL-470/130


• Board Pin made of brass

• An office and student essential, this pack of drawing pins makes it so everything you need to stay does so.

• Ideal for using on pin-boards, these keep your papers stuck right where you want them to better organise your work/personal life.

• Ideal for school, office, and home.

Cotton Thread Roll

Product Code : SCL-472/131


• Material : Cotton

• Color : White

Lycopodium Powder

Product Code : SCL-474/132


• Capacity : 100 gm

• Analytical reagent

• Supplied with MSDS

• Expire after 5 years

Constantan Wire

Product Code : SCL-476/133


• Capacity : 100 gm

• Less Winding of wire.

• Perfectly designed for a vast range of uses and Experiments.

• Constantan Wire, with a 55% copper and 45% nickel composition holds a constant resistivity in a vast range of temperatures making it popular for science and electronics applications.

Iron Filling

Product Code : SCL-478/134


• Capacity : 500 gm

• Storage jar with convenient shaker lid means less mess.

• Sprinkle a small amount of iron filings onto paper and move a magnet underneath to illustrate the pole  patterns of the magnetic force field.

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