Mini Pushbutton Switch - SMD

Product Code : 1337/0307

Model No. : “SCL1337/0307”


Self-Lock Switch: Simple structure, good spring resilience, press button to turn on and off, easy to operate.

Working Principle: Push-button switch is a switch that used a button to push the transmission mechanism to turn or or off a moving contact with a static contact and switch the circuit.

Usage: In the electric automatic control circuit, it is used to send the control signal manually to control contactor, relay, electromagnetic starter, etc.

Magnetic Screwdrivers Set with Case

Product Code : 1339/0308

Model No. : “SCL1339/0308”



Head Style: Torx, Flat, Phillips

Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel

Color: Yellow

Premium materials, Screwdriver bar made of 6150 chromium vanadium steel, stronger and tougher than most carbon steel? it is chromium plating treated for corrosion resisted and nice appearance.

42-piece magnetic screwdriver set consists of 8 Conventional screwdriver?6 Precision Screwdriver and 25 screwdriver bits.

There are 5 different screw types including Phillips, Slotted, Torx, Hex and Pozidriv,

We have flexible socket extensions bar and Magnetic bit holder for the screwdriver bits that allow you to use them in complex situations.

Ergonomic non-slip and soft handle which is made of pp+tpr materials, let you feel soft and comfortable at work.

Each Precision screwdrivers has a 360 degree rotation that allows you rotate the screws smoothly.

Equipped with a dedicated storage box for easy carrying.

Meet your work needs, Suitable for all kinds of projects, electronics, computers, watch repair, jewelry repair, and fixing anything with micro screws.

Mechanical Caliper

Product Code : SCL 102/01

Length: 30 cm
A Vernier Caliper is a visual aid to take an accurate measurement reading between two graduation markings on a linear scale by using mechanical interpolation; thereby 
increasing resolution and reducing measurement uncertainty by using Vernier acuity to reduce human estimation error.
Provided with thumb movement for easy motion of jaws. 
Material: Stainless steal
Color: Silver

Weights with Hooks

Product Code : ACL108/02

Capacity : 2×50,2×100,2×250,2×500,2×1000 gr.
With storage box
Material: Brass
Usage/Application: Laboratory
Shape: Cylindrical

Pulley Set with Hooks

Product Code : ACL109/03

Min. Diameter 3 cm
With bearing
Used in laboratory
Plastic pulleys with two hooks mounted in metal frame

Pulley with a Hook

Product Code : ACL111/04

Diameter 6cm.
Usage/Application: Lifting Platform
Type: Manual
Material: Steel
Required Part: industrial
Power Source: Manual

Spring Set (Metal with Hook)

Product Code : ACL113/05

S Min. height in compressed position 10 cm
Quantity: 5 with different stiffness
Outer diameter: 1.75 cm.
Longer service life
Dimensionally accurate
Optimum operation
Spring is one mechanical or structural element that can undergo significant amount of elastic deformation and thereby introduces flexibility into the system. 
During elastic deformation under the action of external loading, the spring absorbs mechanical energy, which is subsequently released when it regains original shape and size. 
Spring is used predominantly in mechanical systems and also in certain structural elements


Product Code : ACL115/06

With supporting stand for torque and equilibrium investigations
Length of lever from 60 cm.
Height of stand > 40 cm.

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