Communicating Vessels

Product Code : “SCK1043/056”


  • Consist of four vessels with different shape and volume. 
  • The height is not less than 12 cm, the diameter of the one edge vessel is not less than 1 cm, and the diameter of other edge one is not less than 2.5 cm. 
  • The distance between two edge vessels is not less than 17.5 cm.

Calorimeter Cylinder, Al

Product Code : “SCK1045/057”


  • Calorimeter, with Insulated Handle, 4.5/6 Volt, 
  • Diameter : 4 
  • Height : 7
  • Material : Aluminium
  • Color : silver
  • Use in Laboratory

Laser Ray Box and Lenses

Product Code : “SCK1049/058”


  • Concave lens, Convex lens, Parallel flat or parallel bar lens, Trapezoid prism, Right angle lens, Mirror, Hollow semicircle refraction cup, Semicircle lens, Magnetic activity mat (15″ (381 mm) Length x 8.25″ (210 mm) Width with printed scales and angles, Laser light beam chart, Laser beam source. 
  • The Ray Box is powered by an AC adapter.

Laser Refraction Tank

Product Code : “SCK1052/059”


  • One laser tank (trough), Base, 
  • One laser pointer and detachable housing unit, 
  • Four prisms, 
  • Two mirrors and one beam splitter, 
  • 1 Semi-circle 90 mm base x 15 mm thick
  • 1 Equilateral prism 75 mm sides, 15 mm thick

Introductory Optical System

Product Code : “SCK1053/060”


  • Single Lens Holder
  • Double Lens Holder
  • LED Object (batteries included)
  • Lens: Dia. 50 mm, +100 mm Double Convex
  • Lens: Dia. 50 mm, +200 mm Double Convex
  • Lens: Dia. 50 mm, -100 mm Double Concave
  • Lens: Dia. 50 mm, -200 mm Double Concave
  • Viewing Screen, Double Sided
  • Pinhole Configuration Cards, Pair
  • Instructional Guide and list of Activities.
  • This simple but elegant Optical System is designed for basic optics experiments, and a great alternative to the traditional mounted optical benches.
  • The Viewing Screen features a unique semi-transparent screen that allows an image to be seen from both sides.
  • The battery-powered LED Object features super bright LEDs –no need to turn off the lights (batteries included).
  • The components feature ruler cut-outs to rest securely on a standard meter stick for easy measurements.

Photo Electric Apparatus

Product Code : “SCK 1055/061”


  • A halogen source, photo tube. 
  • A filter wheel includes five narrow band interference filters. 
  • A vacuum photo tube is kept inside the tube housing. 
  • The regulated power supply with 0-2V variable voltage, ammeter, toggle switch. 
  • The lamp house, filter wheel and photo tube housing are placed on an optical rail. 
  • Filter Wheel with Interference Filters: Wave length-404, 450, 505, 546, 578 nm, Quantity-1no. each,
  • Rail Based Platform: Length 500 mm, Material-Anodized Aluminium Alloy, Quantity-1no.
  • Tungsten Halogen Lamp with Mount: Output Power-20W, Quantity-1 no.
  • Photosensitive Device with Mount: Type- Vacuum photo tube, Quantity-1 no.
  • Photo Electric Effect Control Unit: Voltage 0 - 10 V, Currentnano - micro Amperes, Quantity-1 no.Dust protector cover, user manual. 

Pascal's Demonstrator

Product Code : “SCK1058/062”


  • Pascal’s Demonstrator would consist of a vertical glass bulb about 3.5 cm in diameter with small openings along one circumference and a branch tube containing a tight-fitting piston.
  • Hydraulic press is a great way to show Pascal's Law in operation. 
  • Students will understand mechanical advantage when they use this system of connected pistons. 

Mechanical Wave Accessories Bundle

Product Code : “SCK1059/063”


  • 24 cm square Chladni plate
  • 24 cm diameter round Chladni plate
  • Extra-fine sand and shaker
  • 1 Resonance Wire Loop
  • 1 Metal Resonance Strips
  • 1 Longitudinal Wave Spring
  • 1 Transverse Wave String: 7-foot elastic string, String holder, Hook holder, Allen Key
  • String / Spring holders
  • Sine Wave Generator 220V US Plug Type B, allows both the frequency (1-400 Hz/1 Hz resolution and 10-4000 Hz/10 Hz resolution) and amplitude of the sine wave output to be varied. 
  • Mechanical Wave Driver includes 1 ea. Wave Driver, 2 ea. Banana Plugs, Allen Key & Holder
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