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Product Code : SCL105/01

Horseshoe micrometer
A Micrometer sometimes known as a Micrometer Screw Gauge, is a device incorporating a calibrated screw widely used for accurate measurement of components in mechanical engineering and machining as well as most mechanical trades, along with other metrological instruments such as dial, vernier, and digital calipers.
Made of nickel-plated brass with ratchet top.
Accurately machined stainless steel rod with range 0-25 x 0.01mm.
Lock type.
For outside measurements up to 25mm.
Precision: 1/100mm.
Ratchet micrometric screw
Maximum measured length 25 mm
Tungsten carbide alloy rollers
Minimum measuring accuracy 0.01 mm
Storage plastic box and calibration standard included


Product Code : SCL1208/02

A Vernier Caliper is a visual aid to take an accurate measurement reading between two graduation markings on a linear scale by using mechanical interpolation; thereby increasing resolution and reducing measurement uncertainty by using Vernier acuity to reduce human estimation error.
Material : Nonius steel material
precision of 0.1 mm
maximum measurement length 120mm
External measuring rods and internal measuring (holes)

Tape Measure

Product Code : SCL1209/03

Tape measure with millimeter divisions
Resistant body with graduated strip in mm
Blade Width : 2-10mm
Body Material : Plastic
Tape Material : Steel
Length 3 meters

Metal Ruler

Product Code : SCL1211/04

Material : Stainless steel ruler
Length 100 cm
Straight Edge.
Width between 2 cm and 3 cm
Thickness 0.5 mm

Disc to Demonstrate Equilibrium (Balance)

Product Code : SCL1213/05

Material : Plastic disc
Diameter of 200 mm
Rotation axis with 18 holes of 2 mm diameter or the same number of nails
Radially and symmetrically distributed on the surface of the disc

Deformable Parallelepiped

Product Code : SCL1215/06

Parallelepiped frame with base, which can be folded obliquely (four vertical rods, two bases, and a median articulated support)
The dimensions of the parallelepiped are not smaller than 140x200 mm
Device to show balance of bodies with support base


Product Code : SCL1217/07

Peripheral groove wheel on support
Rotation axis
Hooks on two sides
Material: Polypropylene Pulley
Mounted in an Aluminium frame.
Diameter 40 mm
Thickness 5 mm

Long Cylindrical Spring (Resort)

Product Code : SCL1219/08

Long cylindrical helical spring (resort)
Shape : Cylindrical
Color : Silver
Material : Stainless Steel
Diameter 20 mm
Length : 3 meters
Elongation 3 times

Newton's Pendulum (Newton’s Cradle)

Product Code : SCL1321/09

Support on which 5 steel balls are attached with two wires on a straight line
At the deviation of a ball from the extreme, the impulse and energy is transmitted to the ball in the opposite extreme, without changing position of the intermediate balls
Minimum balls diameter 15 mm
The length of the suspension wire 120 mm

Newton’s Tube

Product Code : SCL1223/010

Transparent glass tube
Diameter 30-100 mm
Minimum length 1,500 mm
One end closed and the other end with a sealed lid with tap and air outlet connection
A wedge, a piece of sponge and a metal ball, 5 mm external diameter

Pascal's Sphere

Product Code : SCL1225/011

Complete demonstration of Pascal’s Law.
The apparatus shows that a change in pressure in fluids is transmitted equally in all directions to all parts of a fluid.
The device contains a hollow sphere connected to a hand pump with plunger that applies pressure to fluid in the ball.
The fluid exits all 10 equidistant nozzles in the ball with equal force in all directions. With instructions.

Power Source For Teacher

Product Code : SCL1427/012

Power source for teacher, alternative power source (two terminals) and continuous power source (other two terminals), adjustable from 2 to 24 V (minimum), graduated, maximum current 5 A with short-circuit protection.
Voltmeter and ammeter for voltage and current indication
Main’s connection plug with conductor for earth connection.
Power supply 220 volt

Vacuum Pump with Pressure Gauge

Product Code : SCL1429/013

Mechanical or electrical installation with minimum power of 90W for evacuation and pumping of air in the experiments for studying gas processes
Provided with a tap that allows the air to be exhausted up to a pressure of 130 Pa
Pressure up to 0.3 MPa can be obtained by pumping

Glass Bell on The Support

Product Code : SCL1431/014

Plastic holder with sealing gasket
Transparent glass bell with minimum diameter of 200 mm and minimum height of 250 mm
With a handle

Digital Hygrometer - Thermometer

Product Code : SCL1235/015

Digital device for measuring humidity and temperature
Dimensions are 20x100x150 mm
Equipped with measuring probe both inside and outside
The temperature range is -10 ° C + 40 ° C
Relative humidity from 20-25% to 80-95%
Battery included

Set of Capillary Tubes

Product Code : SCL1240/016

The device consist of three interconnected tubes with length 20 cm and different diameters 1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm
Mounted on plastic stand

Aneroid Barometer

Product Code : SCL1544/017

Plastic cylindrical barometer with indicator
Measuring range 700-800 mm hg
Brass barometric box, longitudinal dimensions 150 mm
Addition to mm Hg, the scale of the device digitized in Pascals

Set to Demonstrate Archimedes’ Principle/Law

Product Code : SCL1247/018

The set to demonstrate Archimedes’ principle/law shall contains : plastic bowl with side water drainage connection
Graduated dynamometer in N
Plastic cylinders a full one with handle and an empty one with handle and a hook at the bottom, so that the full cylinder fits strictly into the empty one.

Tuning Fork

Product Code : SCL1531/019

Wooden resonator box on which a U-shaped vibrator is fixed, on which two slidable bodies are attached and which modify the oscillation frequency of the range
Metal hammer with handle and rubber-coated impact element
Calibrated to 7 frequencies

Gravesand Ring-Device to Demonstrate Thermal Expansion

Product Code : SCL1255/020

Gravesande ring.
Ring and ball adjusted to each other so that the ball passes through the ring at room temperature and does not pass through the ring if the ball is heated.
Both the ball and the ring have handles.
The diameter of the ball is 15 mm.

Electroscope with Accessories

Product Code : SCL1357/021

An electrode on which one or two thin metallic sheets are attached, fixed in a plastic support with two transparent glass sides.
By touching the electrode with an electrified rod, the sheet (sheets) deviates from the equilibrium position.

Electrostatic Sultan

Product Code : SCL1362/022

Metallic rod on an isolated support, at the upper end of which there are narrow paper strips, which outlines the electric field lines by approaching an electrified wand near the rod.
Rod height : 200 mm
Paper strips : 100mm
20 strips

Magnetic Compass Needle

Product Code : SCL1465/023

Magnetic needle, with longitudinal dimension of 100mm.
With support for the center axis, with conical bearing with needle.
With N and S poles painted in blue and red respectively.

U-Shaped Electromagnet

Product Code : SCL174/024

Two coils with 200 turns made of enameled copper wire each
The power supply 4-6 V DC source
The coils may freely place the lateral arms of the core
The distance between the axes of the core arms 5 cm.

Device for Demonstrating Magnetic Field Lines

Product Code : SCL1577/025

The model have six diametrically and equally spaced transparent plates, one of which is interchangeable
On the plates a lot of easily moving ferromagnetic arrows
One of the interchangeable plates has an arcuate notch for installation in a U-shaped magnet model


Product Code : SCL1379/026

Magnetic needle, with the longitudinal dimension 40 mm, with support for the median axis and conical bearing with needle
With N and S poles colored in blue and red, embedded in a cylindrical transparent plastic box with a diameter of 45mm.
The needle pivot on the axis so that it does not fall by twisting the box

Analogue Ammeter

Product Code : SCL1285/027

Measuring range 0-50ma / 500ma / 5A, DC current, division 1/50 of the maximum limit, left zero position indicator, with zero position adjustment, stationary,
Dimensions 100x100x140 mm

Analogue Voltmeter

Product Code : SCL1589/028

Measuring range 0-10V, DC current, 0.1 V division
Left zero position indicator
With zero position adjustment, stationary
Dimensions 100x100x140 mm

Analogue Ammeter AC

Product Code : SCL1296/029

Measuring range 0-2 A
Alternative current, 0.1 A division
Left zero position indicator
With zero position adjustment, stationary
Dimension : 100x100x140 mm

Analogue Voltmeter AC

Product Code : SCL1399/030

Measuring range 0-3V / 15V / 30V,
Alternative current, 0.1 V division,
Left zero position indicator,
Zero position adjustment, stationary
Dimensions 100x100x140 mm

Wilmshurst Electrostatic Machine (for lyceum)

Product Code : SCL2301/031

High-voltage generator with two plastic discs
Diameter : 20 cm
Rotating in opposite direction, on which tinfoil sheets are deposited
Consist of two disks, two Leiden cans, crests, brushes, dischargers and support
Two sets of brushes collect the loads and store them in two condensers
The condenser electrodes are connected to two metal rods with an insulated handle, the distance between them can be varied

Demonstrative Plan Condenser/ Capacitor

Product Code : SCL2405/032

Two metal discs vertically attached to an insulated stand, with an electrode attached to the middle of the disc, the support allows the coaxial approach of the discs to a 0 distance between them
Plate spacing: 0 – 160 mm.
Possibility of plates adjustment between 0 and 20 mm
Material of plates: solid castings, stainless steel or corrosionresistant steel
Diameter of plates: 250 mm.
No burrs

Rods (wands) to Study Electrification

Product Code : SCL2309/033

Van De Graff Generator motor driven : Specially designed for electrostatic experiments and where continuous source of high voltage is required. Fitted on base with smooth running A.C. Motor, operates on 220 volts A.C. 50 Hz. 

Specifications :
Charge collecting
Silicon rubber having excellent Belt
Insulation resistance.
Tracking : Belt-tracking easily adjusted.
Charge collecting combs: Aluminum mesh, clearly visible.
Spheres : Aluminum 150 mm. dia
Connections : 4 mm sockets in dome and base.
Voltage developed; Upto 200 KV, depending on ambient conditions, with a spark length of 60mm.
Discharger : Spherical 100mm dia., with insulated handle and 4mm sockets.

Device to Study Electric Current In Electrolytes

Product Code : SCL222/034

Electrolysis vessel with lid (transparent plastic), volume 200 ml, with two or more electrodes, a copper one and other: graphite or coal and zinc or lead electrodes with the diameter of 4 mm, with external contacts fixed on the plastic support.

Semiconductor Diodes (for high school)

Product Code : SCL226/035

Direct voltage rectifier diode: 1000 V
Maximum direct current: 5 A

Light-Emitting Diode (LED)

Product Code : SCL2529/036

White luminescent diode
Minimum diameter of capsule 5 mm
Tinned copper wire ends

Transistor (for high school)

Product Code : SCL234/037

Bipolar transistor, NPN, maximum allowable collector current of 1A, collector voltage
Maximum allowable emitter of 300 V
Maximum permissible temperature of junction of 1100C

Device to Verify The Lenz’s Law (for high school)

Product Code : SCL239/038

Consist of two identical aluminum rings fixed to the ends on the aluminum rocker arm, a tripod with a needle and a stand.
One ring with a slot.
The beam is mounted on a tripod needle.
The length of rocking arm in the range of 130 to 180 mm
The diameter of the rings is 25 mm

Demonstrative Transformer (for high school)

Product Code : SCL241/039

Functional model of a U-shaped steel core transformer, with a bar that closes the clamped field lines, enameled copper coils, on wooden or plastic support.
Power supply and the number of windings in the primary coil - 220 V / 0.3 A and 1400 turns
Power supply and the number of windings in the secondary coil - 60 V / 1 A and 400 turns
Transformer power is 30 W

Laser (for high school)

Product Code : SCL248/040

Portable laser
Green wavelength : 550 nm
Power 5 mw
Stationary or rechargeable battery with included charger

Dosimeter Digital

Product Code : SCL249/041

Digital, measuring range: dose: 0.1 μsv – 1 000 μsv
Maximum mass 200 g
Batteries included

Spectroscope (for high school)

Product Code : SCL255/042

A compact instrument containing all the optical accessories for conducting the Newton’s Ring experiment, our microscope is specifically designed for laboratory use.
With top grade optics and precise machining, our Newton’s Ring Microscope is ideal for determining wavelength of sodium light by measuring Newton’s ring diameter.
Consist of a table with a three-edged prism, a collimator tube with a lens and a slit
A telescope with a lens and a moving eyepiece, a micrometer screw, a stand for installing the device on a support.

Spectral Tube Set with Voltage Source (for high school)

Product Code : SCL267/043

Set of 5 tubes with H2, O2, Ar, CO2, Ne, with two electrodes at the ends, length about 200 mm.
When applying a high voltage there is an electrical discharge into the gas atmosphere.
Tubes are narrowed in the middle to allow spectroscopic observation of the emission lines
The set should include a high voltage source with adaptable support for connecting the tubes
When connecting the source, there is an electrical discharge through the tube and the internal gas is illuminated
Power consumption : 4,5 W


Product Code : SCL274/044

Binoculars with bak-4 lenses
Anti-reflex coating,
Lens diameter of 40 mm
Minimum magnification 8x
Interpupillary distance in the range of 56 to76 mm
Multiple lens antireflection coating
Central focus
Tripod mount
Lids for lens and eyepiece

Generator Model (for high school)

Product Code : SCL280/045

Components: plastic or metal support, stator coils or permanent magnets, coil rotors, copper or carbon blade brushes, etc.
All the constructive elements should be visible
The model shall demonstrate the working principle of the generator, of the Alternative current (AC) generator and working principle of the Direct current (DC) generator

The Model of The Celestial Sphere (for high school)

Product Code : SCL282/046

Model of the celestial sphere on a gyroscopic support, with the main indicated reference circles (celestial equator, celestial meridians), with the equatorial or horizontal plane, with a transparent celestial globe and with the Earth indicated inside
Model diameter - 300 mm


Product Code : SCL-541/01a

With plastic trays and equal arms, with balancing mechanism, on steel support, with included marked mass set
With a maximum measurement mass of 200 g and precision of 0.1 g,
Comply with GOST 24104-2001 standard.
Height : 200 mm.

Digital Chronometer (Stopwatch)

Product Code : SCL-059/01b

Digital electronic stopwatch,
Sizes 30 x 50 x 15 mm, with a deviation of 10 mm on each side
With the size of the figures on the display of 10 mm, accuracy 0.01 s
Provided with Battery


Product Code : SCL-583/01c

Spring dynamometer with plastic support
With a maximum force of 5 N, graduated in N
With divisions of 0.1 N and graduated in grams with 10 g division
Rectangular plastic body.
Metal scale with zero adjuster.
Suspension ring and load hook.
Scale measures both in grams and Newtons.

Set of Springs

Product Code : SCL-485/01d

Material : Steel
Rust resistant
5 of steel spiral springs
Diameter of the spring spirals 15-20 mm,
Elastic constants 20-80 n / m with hook at one end


Product Code : SCL-987/01e

Mount with a massive steel or cast-iron base with minimum size of 120 x 200 x 5 mm,
With a vertical steel rod with an anticorrosive coating of 600 mm in length and 12 mm in diameter.
Fixed by a perpendicular thread on the base with two sockets and pliers

Set Of Marked Masses

Product Code : SCL-059/01f

Contains 4 pieces in the set,
Nickel-plated steel, cylinder with a hole in the middle with 2 wire hooks, weight of each piece 50g
Provided with storage box.

Inclined Plane With Accessories

Product Code : SCL-871/01g

Polished wood tribometer, made of coniferous species without stubs.
Length 900mm, width 100 mm and thickness 25mm, with fixing element on stand.
At the one end, the tribometer is provided with a metal pulley with a maximum diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 4mm.
Accessories: one wooden bar with a minimum sizes of 30 x 40 x 120 mm, with three blind holes 10 mm in diameter made up to the middle of the body, symmetrically distributed on each of two adjacent sides; a hook in the middle of the small side.


Product Code : SCL-121/01h

Wooden bar
With a median rotation axis with minimum diameter of 4 mm
With a minimum section of 30 x 4 mm
Length: 400 mm
With 2 mm holes in diameter on each 15 mm on the median line of the bar,
Graduated at each 5 mm, at the ends provided with nuts for balancing the lever.

Calorimeter With Accessories

Product Code : SCL-054/02a

Aluminum inner cup with minimum volume 150 ml, outer aluminum cup with thermal insulation, transparent plastic cap with hole for thermometer, with two heating resistant electrodes tightened with nuts, stirrer


Product Code : SCL-658/03a

Display figures 15mm with automatic disconnection
With position selector for measuring ranges: voltage up to 600 V, ACV and DCV, intensity 20 ma. 10 a acv and DVC, capacity 20μf, resistance 200Ω..200kΩ conductor with probes and battery included

O.T. Table Remote Control

Product Code : SLE/LE/001


• Electro-Manual drives with noiseless, jerk les s and smooth positioning.

• Zero Position to make table neutral by simply pressing ‘0’ positioning button.

• Remote has LED backlit with symbolic position figures to use even in darkness.

• Safety key to block motor system in critical operations.

• Manually gear operated Kidney Elevator

• Table top is divided into 5 sections providing numerous articulation possibilities.

• Table top is c-arm & x-ray compatible.

• The base of the table is scientifically designed ‘’T’’ shaped SS covered heavy base proving optimum foot room for comfortable posture of the surgeons.

• Equipped with a large translucent sliding table top providing laparoscopy & C-arm functions without patient reversing.

• Detachable-Interchangeable head and leg sections provide further versatility.

• Integrated weight compensation by manual adjustment of the head and leg sections.

• Non-corrosive stainless steel 304G construction including table top frames, accessories rail, base cover and column telescopic covers.

• Easy for cleaning & hygiene.

• The powered movements are activated by Imported Linear Actuators.

• Four easy glide, antistatic castors, two of which are swiveling, ensure mobility.

• Dimensions (metric)1910 x 530 mm

• Weight (lbs, kg)able to bear patient weight

• Warranty for 5 years


Accessories :-

• S.S Arm Rest 2 no

• Anaesthetic Screen: Ino

• Lithotomy Leg Holders with Stim-Ups: 1 set 

• Leather Wristlets: 1 set

• Padded Leg Rest(Gutter type)

• Anti static mattress 

• Side rails

Fixed Ceiling O.T lights LED Dual Room

Product Code : SLE/LE/002

Clinical purpose:-

• Luminescence shadow less lamp adopts light sources different positions for focus to eliminate shadows of different parts of medical workers



• Double dome

• Intensity Control in 9 steps for individual domes

• Height Adjustment 600mm

• Action Radius:1850mm)

• Possible Movements Radial Angular & Axial

• Color Temperature 4500K and above

• LED technology: minimum 40,000 hours lamp life

• Intensity, brightness, contrast and power switch to be made available on handle/wall-check

• Focal distance(d1+d2)-0.8 to 12 m

• Temperature rise on the keep of surgeries to be less than 10

• CR 95

• 360 rotation for both arms

• Each Dome have 3 Modules, with each Module having 4 Power LEDs which has 12 no’s Latest Generation White Color LEDs. 

• Each of these Power LEDs have 36 Sub LEDs built-in, totaling to 432 LEDs in each dome.

• Heat dissipation: Heat Dissipation maintain nominal Temp and the heat would be disbursed through an cooling mechanism

• Mobility, portability : Handheld device

• Power Requirements : Recharging unit Input voltage-220V-240V AC, 50Hz

• Battery operated: Yes

• Tolerance (to variations shutdowns) : Voltage:± 10% Frequency ±2%

• Protection: Over-charging cut-off with visual symbol

• Warranty for 5 years

Laparoscopic Set

Product Code : SLE/LE/003

3-Chip CMOS High Definition Laparoscopic Camera System: -

• The system would be high definition, with progressive scan with CMOS technology, 3-chip- endoscopic video camera. 

• Consist of one Camera control unit/ console and one camera head.

• HD video with 1920x1080p native resolution

• CMOS 3-Chip camera technology

• Control of ICG fluorescent viewing from the camera head

• Programmable buttons to adjust the cavity backlighting and intensity of ICG fluorescence vibrancy from the camera head

• Dynamic Range Enhancement (DRE) designed to improve visualization in the surgical field by creating a brighter image in dark and posterior compartments by up to 150%

• Desaturation to decrease the saturation of color in the image

• 9 cross-specialty settings for optimized color and brightness

• 4 programmable buttons on the camera head

• Customizable color settings and button function settings per surgical specialty

• 18mmcoupler with single-handed focusing design

• Ergonomic, lightweight camera head design

• Intuitive touch screen LCD interface for ease of operation

• Video Outputs- Two DVI Outputs, One S-VIDEO


HD Medical Grade 26" LED Flat Panel Monitor  :-

• 26" LED Flat-panel High-Definition Color Monitor

• Pal System Compatible

• DVI, S-Video Inputs

• Compact and Light weight Design

• Resolution: 1920 x 1080 in Progressive Scan Technology

• Properly match the camera head acquisition resolution

• Support 16:9 resolution

• Viewing Angle > 150 degrees


LED Light Source with Safelight Optic Cable :-

• 220 volts, 300 Watts

• Light Engine-Red, Green, Blue

• Stand By mode facility(Safety feature to prevent accidental injury)

• Enables users to visualize standard white light wavelengths, Infrared light wavelengths, and Endoscopic Near Infrared wavelengths using ICG technology

• Adjustable light intensity in both white light mode and in ENV mode

• Integrated Infrared lighted fibers for ureteral detection.

• Integrated Safelight and patient safety technology designed to put the Light Source into Standby mode when disconnecting the scope from the light cable

• Intuitive capacitive LCD/LED touch screen user interface


HD Telescopes :-

• 5.0mm & 10.0mm HD laparoscopes Endoscopic Near Infrared visualization.

• Lense technology to enable visualization of fluorescent and near-infrared wavelengths.

• Aspherical Lens Technology for minimized optical distortion

• Improved light transmission and edge brightness when compared Ideal Eyes scopes

• Laser welded enclosures for increased quality and durability over Ideal Eyes Scopes


High flow 45 Ltrs Co2 Gas Insufflation Unit with Heated Gas Option

• High flow 45lts with LCD display with Touch Interface.

• Soft approach pressure control for safe recovery of abdominal pressure

• Four mode & visual and audible alarms with min 0.1 L flow rate

• Neonatal, Bariatric, High Flow mode & visual and audible alarms with min 0.1L flow rate

• Integrated Gas heating for Controlled & Heated Co2.

• Internal leakage detection capability

• Unit include Hose & Yoke

• Includes Heated Tubing, Tube set Adaptor & Patient Tubing

• Touch Screen Control


HD Medical Recorder Cum Digital Documentation System for High Definition Recording & Data Archiving:-

•  Full High-Definition Digital Documentation System specifically for recording, managing, and archiving surgical images and video in native full HD resolution.

• The captured full high definition images & videos can be accessed from the hard drive for printing or saving onto multiple forms of external media which includes CD/DVD, USB Flash Drive & Hospital network.

• Real time, MPEG 2 HD MPEG4, 1or 2 compression engine with full IBP encoding

• Video inputs minimum: 2 DVI no's, 2 no's. S-Video, 1 no's. Composite

• Video outputs S-Video, Composite, DVI & XGA

• Capable of Progressive scan

• Image capture: 1080p, 720p, 1280x1024p, (NTSC/PAL).

• Stereo audio Inputs have Disc Capacity of 1 TB

• Support file formats for Images: Bitmap (BMP), JPEG, JPEG2K, Tagged Image File Format (TIFF), True vision Targa (TGA), and Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Videos: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4

• CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R (single session), DVD+RW Disc Recording Formats

• Wireless Infrared, Camera Head Triggering Remote Control CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW Disc Recording Format.


Control options:-

• Wireless Infrared Remote Control,

• Camera Head Triggering Remote Control,

• Touch Control Panel for Patient Information and Device Management inbuilt on screen

• On-console LCD Touch Screen Control.


Mobile Cart /Trolley :-

• Extendible Video Arm to Mount Medical Grade LED Monitor

• With an Isolation Transformer

• High Quality Material

• High Quality Caster Wheels

• Inbuilt Electric Switches channeled through Isolation Transformer Voltage Rating: Input: 240V~50Hz 2.4KVA

• Output: 220/240V~50Hz 2.4KVA MAX Equipment cart, rides on 4 antistatic dual wheels,

• 2 equipped with locking brakes,

• main switch at vertical beam

• 1 CO2-bottle holder,

• Isolation transformer 230VAC (50/60Hz)

• Minimum 3 adjustable shelves to keep the basic endoscopy units 

• Warranty for 5 years.


Product Code : “SCA752/0243”


  • Type : Isosceles 
  • Material : Wooden 
  • Shape : Triangle 
  • Size : 45x50cm 
  • Pattern : Plain
  • High quality 
  • ISO 9001:2015

Triangle With Sides

Product Code : “SCA755/0244”


  • Material : Wooden 
  • Shape : Triangle 
  • Size : 60x60cm 
  • Pattern : Plain
  • High quality 
  • Different sides 
  • ISO 9001:2015

Plastic Compass

Product Code : “SCA765/0248”


  • Plastic compass 
  • Material : Plastic. 
  • With arm length up to 50 cm. 
  • ISO 9001:2015

Body Set

Product Code : “SCA767/0249”


  • Set of wooden geometric bodies : pyramid, cylinder, cone, sphere, prism, cube and parallelepiped 1/6 height and body width 150 mm. 
  • Pattern : Plain
  • Used in Mathematics
  • ISO 9001:2015


Product Code : “SCA825/0277”


  • Kit for the AND ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 model
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